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CNS Partners with Surewest

Capital Network Solutions, Inc. (CNS) has partnered with SureWest. SureWest offers a broad-range of services including high speed internet, full featured voice systems and they take pride in providing clients with the best customer care in Sacramento. SureWest provides responsive, local people who know and care about your business and are available 24/7.

Better Together

This partnership means you will be able to take advantage of SureWest’s line packages along with our Managed IT Services.

  • We can conduct a free line speed test and bill review for your business.
  • We can also provide services to see what traffic or protocols are travelling on your Internet and Wide Area Network connections.
  • Plus determine how much bandwidth is being used by each computer user.

Our Tools Include

  • Internet Speed Test to verify your T1 speed and help you determine how much shared Broadband/DSL network you really need.
  • Utilization Reports to get a clear picture of what traffic is being used on your internet connection. Is it email, file transfers or Internet surfing that is slowing down your employees? Determine what to change by evaluating it with the right information.
  • Visibility Report to see where your employees are surfing and how much bandwidth they are using. We can give you the tools to restrict your employees to approved websites. You’ll be able to make the right decisions with real data.

As your trusted advisor we will keep you up to speed on current specials that SureWest may be running. You can even check our website link under SureWest Specials. This month they are offering a business package for $399.00 which includes High Speed Internet, and up to 15 phone lines with local calls included.

If you have any questions at all or would like us to schedule an appointment with you please contact Capital Network Solutions, Inc. (916) 366-6566.

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