Have you tried EchoSign – the #1 electronic signature service on the web? We have and love it!

EchoSign is an electronic signature service that lets us get our documents signed within minutes rather than days.  We use it for all client agreement documentation and it really is a time saver.  Not only does it reduce the turnaround time, it also helps manage the status of documents that are outstanding.  We send out 5-10 work authorizations a week and EchoSign is the only way we can keep track of them. But it can do even more!

How many times have you wondered if that contract you needed signed was even looked at, let alone signed and mailed? With EchoSign, you can monitor how your documents are progressing in the signing process. If an issue or delay arises, EchoSign will alert you instantly so you can act quickly to correct the situation. EchoSign will also send automatic reminders and notifications on events and alerts so you are always on top of the signing process.

Staying true to acceleration, EchoSign makes signing up fast and easy. There are no software requirements or hardware installations. It is all done through a web browser.  It takes seconds to send out a contract and is a must have for companies that have to get client signatures.  Sign up for EchoSign and within seconds you can send out your first contract.