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Adobe Flash & Acrobat Vulnerabilities

Adobe Acrobat (all versions) and Adobe Flash Player – Security Risks
Last week Adobe issued two security advisories intended to let their customers know that Acrobat and Flash Player were found to be vulnerable to certain malware attacks.  The advisory for Acrobat covers all versions available for Windows, Macs, Unix.

Malicious code that takes advantage of these vulnerabilities has been found on public websites on the Internet. By downloading infected Adobe Acrobat documents or viewing websites with infected Flash video content, it is possible for computer workstations and Android smartphones to accept and run applications that will access user data and run unwanted applications. At this point the found malicious code only affects PCs running Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and various server applications).

Adobe Flash Player Update Addresses Issue – Immediate Update Recommended
As of September 21st, Adobe has released a security update for its Flash Player that resolves the vulnerability.
It is highly recommended that all workstation and Android users update their version of Flash Player to (for Windows and Mac computers) and for Android smartphones.

Get the Adobe Flash Player update here

Adobe Acrobat Issue Remains
Adobe has stated that an update to Acrobat will be available able the week of October 4th. Until the updates for the free Adobe Reader and the full versions of Acrobat (Standard and Pro) are available, it is strongly recommended that people not download or open Adobe Acrobat, known as PDF, documents from emails sent by untrusted individuals or unknown websites.

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