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Tiers for application fears

The story of enterprise storage has a couple of significant plotlines. One of them proceeds in a fairly straight line: Cost per megabyte has declined on a regular basis for the last three decades. The other is, in contrast, a long and twisting road. The seat of storage management has moved from server to storage [...]

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Stand-alone servers not dead, yet

The arguments for cloud services can seem compelling, but there are still applications, situations, and datasets that call for the performance, control, and security of a server safely ensconced in your agency's offices. The good news is that it has never been easier to build powerful, manageable servers that can meet a department or agency's [...]

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Hyperconverged systems for small practices

In the world of enterprise computing, converged and hyperconverged systems are taking over more and more datacenters. They combine high performance and reduced management costs. Now, smaller organizations in fields as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare can take advantage of them. The real question is what the organizations want to get from their architecture -- [...]

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It is all a cloud

One of the hallmarks of business is pragmatism. Effectiveness, rather than dogmatic purity, is prized. That's demonstrated in the way that businesses are approaching cloud implementations. More and more companies are implementing cloud computing in a hybrid fashion, mixing public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises applications and services to build application infrastructures that combine the [...]

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Real workstations for virtual reality

Virtual reality has been all over the news recently as vendors release systems designed to take users inside an artificial, but very realistic, world. While most virtual reality systems released thus far have been based on mobile devices, high-definition systems that use data served by an enterprise-class workstation are on the near horizon. What you [...]

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