Get a quick estimate of file space by age

I needed to give a customer an estimate on how much space would be saved if old files were moved off of the server into cloud storage, such as Amazon S3. While there are lots of ways to do this, I broke out the old robocopy program and ran the following: robocopy C: C:Robocopy /s [...]

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First Look at Windows 7 and much more

Capital Network Solutions will be speaking at the New Horizons "First Look Event" on Thursday November 19th. Topics include First look at Microsoft Windows 7, how MS 7 works better together with Windows Server 2008, MS Data Protection Manager and other exciting technologies that effect your business. Register for this event When: Thursday, November 19th [...]

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Five Steps to Managing Application Readiness for Windows 7

Windows 7 has generated a great deal of interest, and many of our clients want to know how they can take advantage of it new features and clean, easy to use interface. Whenever Microsoft releases a new operating system, the biggest challenge is ensuring that applications and peripherals used within the organization will run without [...]

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Simplified Business Computing

Introducing……Simplified Business  Computing                                    "Simply pay for what you need" In this tough economy everyone is trying to save money and cut their costs,  yet most businesses are long overdue in updating their business technology.  Simplified Business Computing  gives  small to medium businesses the ability to upgrade their  business  technology to stay competitive without having to [...]

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How to install the Exchange 2007 Management Tools

For some backup programs, like Backup Exec, the Exchange Management Tools need to be installed on the server running the backup software. I came across the following Microsoft article that explains how the tools can be installed. The article also has a nice summary of the prerequisite software necessary to run the console. 32 [...]

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Already Thinking About Windows 8

Windows just introduced their newest version, but some are already thinking ahead to Windows 8  and the features it should employ. Check out this forward-thinking blog post on Technorati by Mark Underwood - Seven Wishes for Windows 8. Here's a sample from the post... "The Microsoft Technet Borg Collective thought they’d help us all out a [...]

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Disable the Windows Domain dropdown selection

Under certain circumstances, such as when utilizing multiple domains in a forest or having a trust between forests, you may not want to present your end-users with an opportunity to select a different domain to login to; the reason being, they may not have rights to login or it could cause confusion and questions to the help desk. [...]

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Citrix Online Courseware

The only obstacle these days to “Server Based Computing” is expertise, and Capital Network Solutions holds the expertise in Citrix; after over a decade of implementing Citrix solutions, CNS has developed internal “Best Practices”, based on Citrix Consulting Services’ ongoing testing and training, as well as our own experiences. Our most common platform for Citrix [...]

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Connectwise Cross Scripting Errors in IE8

When using ConnectWise it uses cross site scripting (XSS) to populate names and other information in Service tickets.  If you have Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) installed on your system you will get a cross scripting error: If this happens you will need to go into IE and disable XSS filter by clicking on Tools, then [...]

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Sign up for the next gloStream EMR Luncheon

Sign up for our Next Luncheon at Morton's Steakhouse. Lunch is on us! Who should attend: Doctors and Practice Managers We know that your time is very important so we designed this Small Group Forum around your lunch. We have limited seats available; we are trying to keep these meetings small from 6 to 10 [...]

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