A growing number of executive and management personnel are purchasing their own mobile devices and looking to connect them to their business networks; Exchange, VPN, Citrix, etc. In the past, many businesses limited these practices by having the IT department act as a barrier, refusing to set up the links or not authorize use by these devices.

With the advent of the iPhone’s ability to connect directly to an Exchange server through ActiveSync, it became unnecessary to involve the IT department, the process of connection was simple and it just worked.

There is little doubt that the explosion of mobile technology has made life much easier for staying up on emails, contacts and appointments. The ability to directly tie your smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) and now tablet (iPad) directly into your corporate Exchange server means that you are never out of touch.

However, there are serious implications to adding business accounts to your personal mobile devices:

  • Intermixing of business and personal email, calendar and contacts, without individual account password protection.
    • Full access to business information by your family and friends, who have access to your mobile device.
  • Exchange Remote Wipe – Microsoft offers very efficient tools for removing connections to mobile devices, however these tools also wipe all your personal information as well.
    • Microsoft gives company IT departments access to wipe all data from “unknown” devices (a.k.a. your phone). A remote wipe can fully erase all data on a computing device once you log into your email account.

Good for Enterprise™ provides a means for isolating and securing your business communication accounts as well as protecting your personal information from remote wipes. Without compromising IT security and control, this powerful mobility suite supports mobile collaboration on popular handhelds like iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Good for Enterprise proven security architecture has even been adopted by top Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. All mobile devices can be managed from one web-based portal and access to information is available all the time using Good’s architecture to support and track mobile connections to critical data.

Good for Enterprise™ Overview:

Good for Enterprise is a suite of productivity and management tools that enable you to provide mobile users secure access to corporate data and applications.

  • Support for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian (Nokia)
  • End-to-end 192-bit AES encryption and FIPS certification
  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email servers
  • Real-time visibility for mobile devices and software versions
  • Good’s server is deployed behind corporate firewall using a secure outbound connection on port 443.

Good Mobile Control – Centrally managed web-based portal, with over-the-air configuration

  • Lock down device functionality, such as camera, wi-fi and Bluetooth features
  • Over-the-air set up for fast and easy deployment
  • Policy-based management by user groups.
  • End User Self Service options, permitting the users to set up their own access to the corporate network
  • Deploy and update third-party software on mobile devices over the air
  • Control which applications are permitted
  • Remote wipe of a lost or stolen mobile unit

Good Mobile Messaging – dedicated secure mobile communication applications

  • Email, calendar, contacts, RSS Feeds and IM applications are separate from device’s native mobile apps
  • Required user authentication for access
  • Email viewing preferences include single or double-line display as well as email conversation
  • Full calendar and appointment support – check meeting participants free/busy status, view appointments by day or month
  • Contact management – add, delete, edit and search within your corporate directory
  • View rich content attachments (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)        
  • Consistent user interface across all mobile platforms

Good Mobile Access – mobile device VPN to corporate network

  • Allows mobile device apps to access secured corporate databases and servers
  • Managed through Good Mobile Control Web console
  • Easy to implement with over-the-air management and security
  • Provides end-to-end 192-bit AES encryption and FIPS 140-2 certification
  • Ability to block certain protocols; HTTP, TCP, FTP, Telnet, SMTP, etc.
  • Push policies and updates to mobile devices

For more information about adding business accounts to your mobile devices, contact Capital Network Solutions!