The Big Day of Giving is an annual event that raises much-needed funds for nonprofit organizations in the Sacramento region.  This year’s Big Day of Giving takes place on Thursday, May 2, and Capital Network Solutions has already scheduled our donation to support the Children’s Law Center of California.  We hope that you will join CNS in donating to this vitally important organization.   

Created in 1990 and operating in Sacramento County since 2011, Children’s Law Center of California represents tens of thousands of abused, neglected or abandoned children who are involved with juvenile dependency court systems.   

Statistics show that foster children are at a great disadvantage, and too often get kicked to the curb: 

  • Over one-third of foster youth earn neither a high school diploma nor a GED 
  • 30 percent of youth who age out of the foster care system will be homeless within a year 
  • 20 percent of youth who age out will be incarcerated within two years 

Through legal representation, education services, mental health advocacy and other programs, Children’s Law Center of California gives a voice to these vulnerable children.   

When you donate money to CLC, it goes directly towards projects like the client needs fund, which provides gifts to foster care children when their birthdays have been forgotten.  Your donation could make a major difference in the lives of these underprivileged kids.  Please join Capital Network Solutions in pledging your support.

For more information on Children’s Law Center of California, visit  To schedule a Big Day of Giving donation, click the DONATE button above.  Only eight days remain before the Big Day of Giving, so please submit your donation as soon as possible. 

We thank you in advance for your support.