A unique opportunity for customers to add desktop virtualization to their proven XenApp implementation and save up to 80%.

The Trade-up to XenDesktop 4 Program gives XenApp customers a simple and cost-effective path to the most complete desktop virtualization solution— XenDesktop 4. With XenDesktop 4, customers can do everything they do today with XenApp and deliver high-definition virtual desktops to every user across the enterprise.


Customers who trade-up all their licenses at once can receive two XenDesktop 4 user or device based licenses for every one XenApp concurrent user license they trade-up. This 2-for-1 offer gives customers an 80% savings compared to buying new desktop virtualization licenses. The Program enables customers to leverage their existing investments to add desktop virtualization now, for an unbeatable price.


Program options:


Trade-up 100% of your active XenApp licenses:  

  •  Get 2 XenDesktop 4 licenses for each XenApp license
  • Save up to 80%


 Trade-up a sub-set of your active XenApp licenses:


·          Get 1 XenDesktop 4 license for each XenApp license

·          Save up to 70%


Trade-up any XenApp license without Subscription Advantage:


·          Get 1 XenDesktop 4 license for each XenApp license

·          Save up to 50%


Leverage existing investments

·         Trade-up XenApp licenses to get XenDesktop 4 at a fraction of the cost

·         Use XenApp skills and best practices to simplify desktop virtualization adoption

·         Leverage existing hypervisor, storage and Microsoft infrastructures


Add desktop virtualization

·         Continue to use XenApp functionality as you always have

·         Add the most comprehensive set of virtual desktop technologies

·         Deliver virtual applications and desktops as on-demand services to any user


Save on XenDesktop 4

·         Trade-up all active XenApp licenses at once, get 2X the XenDesktop 4 licenses

·         Trade-up your XenApp licenses, save between 50%-80% on XenDesktop 4

·         Trade-up includes 12 months of Subscription Advantage on XenDesktop 4


This program is only valid until June 30, 2010!

XenDesktop 4 includes the key features fundamental to extending the benefits of virtual desktops to every user in your organization.


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