The only obstacle these days to “Server Based Computing” is expertise, and Capital Network Solutions holds the expertise in Citrix; after over a decade of implementing Citrix solutions, CNS has developed internal “Best Practices”, based on Citrix Consulting Services’ ongoing testing and training, as well as our own experiences.

Our most common platform for Citrix today is XenApp 5 on Windows 2003 server, so we have put together a quick technology update on just what’s going on with traditional Citrix these days, and how our customers can optimize their investment in the latest technology.

First, we cover what’s new in the last couple of years – new features, as well as new ways of doing things; there are new application deployment technologies: streaming to clients, and streaming to servers; there is new load management technology: load throttling; there is new resource publishing technology: content publishing and file-type-association (FTA); and there are new management features: SpeedScreen server settings, Health Check and Recovery, and Configuration Administrative Logging.

Then we also offer some in-depth training on the most challenging aspects of Citrix configuration: printing and AD integration. Citrix has come a long way and gotten past many of the old problems we faced, but it doesn’t just configure itself out-of-the-box; it takes some planning and some expertise. So we’ve done our homework, we’ve learned how to do it right, and we want to pass this on to our customers. If you’ve got Citrix, or are still getting started with it, please review our Citrix Courseware .