Gain the benefits of Vendor Authorized Technical Training from any location citrix-attend-anywhere sm

Introducing  AttendAnywhere, Capital Network Solutions, Inc. (CNS) new training delivery model.  Students can now attend Instructor-led Citrix classes in the CNS classroom, or from the convenience of their office or home.  Our new model enables those individuals interested in attending vendor authorized training to avoid travel costs associated with attending classes at training centers.

All classes are real-time, instructor led, and consist of the full vendor authorized course curriculum.  Remote students participate in the class via GoToMeeting and voice conference calling.  Students access the lab environment for all hands-on labs utilizing the Citrix ICA client from their PC.  Vendor authorized courseware is shipped directly to the student prior to the start of class.  Students only need to have internet access and a PC.

CNS AttendAnywhere delivery model combines the desire of many students to sit in the classroom with the instructor with those individuals who do not have the ability to travel to the location of the class.  Companies with employees in multiple locations can now have them participate in the same class (some in the classroom and some remote), adding greater value to the training.

Remote students view the instructor’s presentation via GoToMeeting.  The instructor also has the ability to view the remote students PC while completing labs to provide assistance when necessary.  Students listen to the instructor’s presentation via conference call and have the ability to ask questions and interact with classroom-based and other remote students.

Key Benefits of AttendAnywhere

You now have the choice of venues – in the classroom or from your home or office

  • Classes provide the full course curriculum and hands-on labs
  • The course duration, content and hands-on labs are identical to classroom only training
  • Classes are taught in real-time by a vendor authorized instructor
  • Eliminate travel costs by participating in the class remotely enabling students to attend training they require.
  • AttendAnywhere delivery model is endorsed by Citrix and satisfies the class attendance requirement for Vendor certification.

CNS is aware of the fact that many companies are unable to get their employees the training they require due to budget cutbacks.  Our new AttendAnywhere delivery model enables you to gain the technical knowledge you need to implement and support the products you utilize to run your business without the added cost of travel.

Please contact  Steve Schulte at 366-6566 for additional information.

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