As cash-strapped companies define ways to cut capital spending on server hardware, virtualization has become extremely popular by extending the capabilities of today’s server hardware. Virtualization technology is based on providing a layer of software, called the Hypervisor, between the physical server hardware and the multiple guest operating systems.  This lets companies consolidate several of their in-house servers onto a single piece of hardware. The result: the power of dozens of servers for a fraction of the price and space.

Virtualization is not only a cost saver but also makes today’s server hardware even more powerful.  Servers today, given sufficient memory, can run multiple VM (virtual machines) more efficiently than yesterday’s server hardware running a single operating system. How is this possible?  The latest Intel Xeon multi-core CPUs have been specifically designed for virtualization. Typically today, even a single CPU server has 2 or 4 cores on the chip, with each core capable of supporting a virtual machine server.

Server virtualization brings solutions to the Small/Medium Business that were once only available to a large corporation data center, namely high availability, disaster recovery automation, and server consolidation. Large data centers are reaping additional rewards of virtualization.  In California PG&E is providing financial incentives to companies who reduce physical servers by means of VM (often offsetting the cost of new hardware investments). Virtualization makes it easy to support an ever-expanding network, enhance its in-house server security and deliver maximum uptime to users while cutting hardware expenditures and reducing power and cooling electricity costs.

Does your business need virtualization?

To answer this question, each company should evaluate their server workload demands, disaster recovery requirements, security risks and vendor compatibility. The CNS consulting team has the experts to evaluate your current server environment, design and implement a cost-saving virtualized solution that fits your business needs and culture.

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