Remote technology is quickly making the idea of “the office” obsolete, as business people can now do their work from virtually anywhere. As a result, mobile work strategies have become an essential part of IT management for many businesses.

For the majority of small businesses, the security of their remote access programs is of paramount importance. This is certainly understandable, as no one wants their sensitive data to be compromised; however, the end-user experience is increasingly being seen as just as essential.

In order to get the most out of your remote employees, you need to provide them with technology that they’re comfortable with using. For many, this would be their own devices, although that often carries with it security concerns.

Unfortunately, most companies deal with this dilemma by simply picking one over the other, choosing between usability and security. While this certainly doesn’t have to be the case, many companies that are providing their own IT solutions simply aren’t equipped to provide the ideal remote access experience.

This is why many companies are turning to managed IT service providers, like CNS. A professional service team can help ensure the safety of your system, even across a variety of devices, without sacrificing ease of use for your employees.

It’s not hard to see how easily this translates directly into increased efficiency. By providing your employees with the freedom to work remotely on whichever platform is most comfortable for them, you ensure that you’re getting optimal speed of implementation for your business strategies.

However, you also don’t have to worry about your data being compromised by an unsecured device or careless worker. Having the full support of a dedicated security service to protect your employees as they work remotely takes the stress and danger out of expanding your work reach.

This also opens the doors to a new understanding of the workplace environment. Because a managed IT service provider can make it feasible for your employees to work from anywhere, they’re no longer tethered to a desk. Additionally, because they can find software they’re comfortable with anywhere, you don’t have to compromise work quality when they’re out of the office.

CNS has recognized that the changing workplace has led to changing demands on your IT service. That’s why we provide a host of options for the remote worker, each designed to promote a comfortable user experience without sacrificing security.

As a Citrix Service Provider, we offer hosted, Cloud-based work stations, giving your employees the freedom to work from virtually anywhere. This opens up a whole world of collaborative possibilities, as you’ll no longer be constricted by distance – you can work with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Citrix also offers a consistent, friendly user experience. By offering a single point of access to Cloud-based services, your employees can log on to a virtual workstation from any device and know exactly what to expect. No more familiarizing yourself with a never-ending series of platforms – everything is set up how you like it, everywhere you go.

Your comfort is not the only thing that’s assured, however. By establishing a single, central workspace within your data center, Citrix eliminates the need for your data to travel to remote locations – which could expose it to security vulnerabilities. Instead, your data stays safe within the confines of your secure server.

Data access and storage become simplified as well. You can get to the information you need from wherever you are, without carrying any sort of physical apparatus. This ensures that workers can be efficient from any location, without having to worry about or wait for physical data transmission.

This all adds up to increased efficiency and speed of implementation. Your employees will be able to do their work on the device of their choice, from the location that’s most convenient to them. Beyond breaking down the idea of the traditional office space, it can also help deconstruct the traditional workday.

Simply put, a Cloud-based Citrix Service Provider can help you get the most out of your employees, at any time of day, without sacrificing morale. Because your workers will be doing work on platforms that are comfortable to them, and from locations of their choosing, they will feel less constricted by the demands of the job.

If you’re ready to make the entire world your office, contact CNS today to discuss setting up your Citrix Service Provider. Not only will this make Cloud-based collaboration easier than ever before, but it will also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your (ever-expanding) data is safe.