Do you need a platform to communicate with a network of people? Okay, you may already be using Facebook to communicate to friends but what about communicating beyond the people who already know you? What if you need to rally support for an important cause? What if you want to market your band around the world? Is there a platform for you?

There is now and its name is Ning!

Ning is the largest platform in the world for creating your own social network. Choose any range of networking, from a family that wants a private network all their own to hundreds of thousands of people networking around a favorite cause. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is that you now have the tools to make your own social network whether you are a family, an organization, a politician, sports team, or a musician. Ning offers you a place to organize around a cause, build a hub for your online activity, or have a closed conversation in a space all your own.

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