Heart of the Matter

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading cause of death.  But from its headquarters in Australia, the Heart Research Institute (HRI) works diligently to change this daunting statistic.  HRI facilitates and performs essential research intended to prevent, detect and treat cardiovascular disease.

Dedicated to saving lives and minimizing the impact of heart-related illnesses worldwide, HRI works on over 150 international research projects each year.  These projects require collaboration with other researchers, including frequent interaction with out-of-country physicians.  However, this necessity used to get hampered by the institute’s outdated, vulnerable and underused collaboration tools.

All that changed when Microsoft partner Dimension Data deployed Microsoft 365 across HRI.

Microsoft Teams Collaboration Tools

HRI turned to Microsoft 365 to enable real-time collaboration with researchers around the globe, with Teams at the heart of communications.  Migrating to Microsoft tools turned HRI into a modern workplace, and it changed the way that its researchers worked.  With Microsoft 365 and Teams, HRI scientists could now compare results, share data.  Meanwhile, HRI employees can collaborate on documents in real-time.

The Microsoft Teams collaboration capabilities boosted productivity, which meant that HRI researched progressed faster.  Today, HRI workers use the latest technology to make the next great scientific discoveries.

If Microsoft tools make that kind of impact on an organization as sprawling and complex as HRI, imagine how it could help your Sacramento business.  With all-in-one tools like Teams, OneDrive and Office 365, your employees get everything they need to do their work.  At the same time, the advanced security features of Microsoft 365 eliminate threats and protect your valuable data.

When you’re ready, contact CNS to learn how we can help your organization realize the promise of a modern workplace.  Meanwhile, watch and share this short video to learn how Microsoft 365 and Teams enable cutting-edge communication for cutting-edge researchers.