As cloud computing becomes adopted the demand for management software grows for hosting or cloud services companies like CNS. CNS provides cloud services for running virtual servers and desktops from a data center. Over the past few years over 200 virtual servers have been deployed in our cloud services environment.

The demand for cloud computing is becoming more prevalent as aging hardware needs to be upgraded. Business owners are having to make a financial decision about having an operating expense by using cloud services verses spending a large capital expense for new servers and storage that will just be outdated faster than before. As companies advance in adopting software for their vertical market the dependency to run their business without interruption becomes very significant. New software for almost every industry is being adopted. Microsoft and other technology companies have developed sophisticated all in one point of sale, inventory management and accounting software to even run a basic flower shop. The medical industry is now being incentivized by the government to use new medical records software. Now these companies are more reliant on their IT environment to do business and need IT systems that are not only fast but redundant and highly available.

More and more businesses have multiple offices which also reply on those servers to be available in order to do business. The financial advantages of cloud computing is one advantage but the data center is a secure environment with redundant components all the way from the hard drives to the generators on the building. Server virtualization has changed the market space to who can afford cloud computing. The small business that need to have redundant system has gone up but the monthly price of cloud computing is going down. As this shift in the market takes place the need for cloud computing management software for companies like CNS is on the rise. CNS has been getting more requests for deploying dedicated virtual desktops which is putting us in a position to use more advanced management software as there will be thousands of virtual machines for end user desktops rather than just the servers. Check out this local Roseville company that has received venture capitalist funds in a time of tight investments.