Why Choose gloStream?

CNS is proud to partner with the powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective gloStream, and here’s why…

There are four great reasons to choose gloEMR 4.0. gloStream uses the latest technology and resources available to provide:

-One-click access to comprehensive patient information

-A quick way to document encounters with Microsoft® Word and standards-based templates

-Simplified customizable workflow with great voice recognition

-Round-the-clock local support

gloEMR 4.0 is easy to learn and use. The software leverages the power of  Microsoft products so you can easily configure the gloEMR dashboard and exam notes without the need for expensive re-programming or change request.

Better Workflow

Built-in workflow and collaboration tools help you improve care, enhance efficiency and boost productivity in your practice. gloEMR also harnesses the power voice recognition technology to help you speed detailed documentation, enhance communication with referring doctors, and eliminate costly transcription services. Use a single voice command to close a note or send a referral letter. Saves time, shortens exams and automates many repetitive or common tasks.

Enhanced Patient Care

Patient care is enhanced with simple single-command diagnostic and clinical decisions support tools. gloEMR integrates e-prescribing, patient education information and drug interaction checks. You can also display diagnostic images within individual patient records.

Paperless Office

gloEMR 4.0 also features a complete document management system able to scan and store historical reference information so you can transition to a paperless office.

Integration between gloEMR and other third-party best-of-breed applications is handled through a standards-based HL7 protocol.

Experience the benefits gloEMR 4.0 delivers:

Improved patient documentation

Enhanced workflow efficiencies

Secure, remote access to patient records

Better coding and charge capture

Point-of-care access and communication of patient data

Easy to implement and use in any practice

Increased doctor and patient satisfaction

Enhanced clinical decision support and guidelines

Easier regulatory and reimbursement reporting

Increased revenue

A direct link to hospitals and other care providers

Please contact CNS today so that our team can visit yours and provide you with a free EMR readiness review and gloEMR demonstration.