Whether you are self-employed or have the ability to work from home for your company, having a good connection to your network is a primary concern. Almost everything is done on computers these days, and most of that is on the Internet or a company network. Additionally, many local companies are moving to cloud-based systems which rely on 24/7 accessibility to the network.

Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home allows you to have complete privacy to get projects completed out of sight of the office. As long as you have a home office, you can keep distractions to a minimum and get work done quickly. However, that is not the case if you can’t log in to your home office network with ease. This is where having a local expert IT support team can benefit your business. A stable, secure and reliable connection to your office is important to anyone who works away from the office. Without the connection, the benefits of working at home are lost.

Working on the Go

Many local companies have staff that work on the road such as sales personnel, account reps and sometimes even the CEO. Access to the company network on-the-go is crucial in order to give customers vital information, access their account and quote up-to-date figures. With an IT support company that can help with occasional issues, a staff person outside the office is always assured of a quick turnaround when dealing with customers at their facilities.

Competing with Big Business

As a local entrepreneur or small business, competition is fierce against the global market. Often the fact that you are local and know your customers personally is what makes the difference. Working with other local businesses to support your IT department is a bonus; however your customers only have so much patience when it comes to waiting for your website to be available or your system to come back online. It is in your best interest to cater to your local customers to show them how much you care about them.

When dealing with IT connection issues or website problems, it is reassuring to know that CNS has 20 years in business and the expertise to fix your problem now. They can work with you to improve the quality of your hosting, offer colocation services or help you improve your website to drive more business. Contact CNS to find out how they can improve your computing issues.