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Virtualization: How to properly assess your network

Time: Recorded Video is about 40 minutes in length

Cost: Free

Don’t waste your valuable IT budget on a Non-Productive Upgrade! Most businesses have been forced by the economy to hold off needed IT infrastructure improvements.  Over the last couple of years Virtualization and Storage Area Network technologies have greatly improved, and there are a lot of competing products out there marketing for your attention.  Virtualization of servers and workstations can, if done correctly, have huge savings and bring remarkable flexibility to address your company’s constantly evolving needs.  Many companies have made the mistake of doing a virtualization project only to find out that they have not provisioned properly and have to ask for more equipment and/or software licenses: a position no CIO wants.  The greatest risk is not fully understanding what is running on the current computer infrastructure and the resources they require.

Although server virtualization can sometimes be more easily “guessed at”, workstation virtualization is a whole other world.  Implementing the correct workstation virtualization solution is critical since it directly impacts the end-user’s productivity.  In many cases companies need a mix of desktop virtualization products to hit the “sweet spot” of the lowest cost and best user experience.  The only way to guarantee a successful implementation is to understand exactly what your end-users are doing and when.

To maximize our clients investments, CNS has been in both the server and workstation virtualization space for more than five years and works with all of the best-of-class vendors and solutions.  We specialize in doing in-depth environmental assessments that look at all facets of your IT infrastructure.  This includes information that most IT support staff find difficult and time consuming to gather: current user workstation configurations, user profiles, application use, peak load periods… to list just a few of the critical metrics for developing an optimum solution.  CNS assessments gather data points on servers and users, giving you a deep look into your day to day operations.

Our assessments go beyond rehashing the information you already know about your environment, providing you with a deep understanding of what is going on with your systems.  As part of the reports, we provide detailed recommendations, breaking down the type of software that will best suit your needs, provide you highly accurate budgetary pricing, as well as side by side comparisons from multiple vendors.

We will provide sample assessment reports during the webinar.

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