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pci.sys errors when installing Windows XP

When booting from XP Disc at the time of driver installation it received a BSOD Stop Screen showing pci.sys error
I then reseated all devices except the CPU  – Did not work
I then tried to create a bootable floppy and attempt to copy the SATA Drivers to another floppy as suggested by MOBO docs –  Did not work
I then copied the drivers to a floppy and attached a USB floppy to the PC and Windows Installer would not recognize the floppy drive as A:
At this point I was out of ideas so I did a search on Google for “pci.sys error when installing XP gigabyte” and came to the following
I did search other forums but all lead to the same result, slipstream the media and create a new bootable install disc.
From this site I searched Google again for “slipstream XP sp3” and came across this site:
This site walked me through step by step how to create the media as well as the script needed to complete in imgburn.

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