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Simplified Business Computing

Introducing……Simplified Business  Computing
                                   “Simply pay for what you need”

In this tough economy everyone is trying to save money and cut their costs,  yet most businesses are long overdue in updating their business technology. 

Simplified Business Computing  gives  small to medium businesses the ability to upgrade their  business  technology to stay competitive without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars.   It also gives you the ability to expense 100% off your IT costs each year.

Based on the same model used by cable companies,  Simplified Business Computing lets you pay for what you need and what you use,  and no more.   Simply get everything you need under one monthly price!

Simplified Busines Computing Includes:

• Hardware / Software
• Setup & Installation
• Backup / Disaster Recovery
• Firewall Security
• System Patching
• Spam Protection
• Anti Virus Protection
• 24/7 Help Desk Support

Pay monthly for services like Exchange, Microsoft Office, Remote Access, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.  You can start with the basic services and applications and add on as you go.  We’ll turn on what you need and manage it for you.  If you find you no longer need a service or application, we simply turn it off at no extra charge.

Say goodbye to chasing the latest technology for your business, paying for expensive upgrades, endless renewals, and unexpected expenses!  With Simplified Business Computing, your IT costs are manageable and always forecastable.  Your information technology  remains up-to-date and just what you need.

Contact CNS and start simplifying your business computing today!

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