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IT Security Services in Folsom, CA

IT Security Services in Folsom, CA

Security services are a necessary concern for businesses of all sizes these days. Cyber threats and data theft have never been more prevalent or more clever, and it is essential that businesses manage their network security with care. No business, large or small, is exempt from the need to have access to quality IT security support on a daily basis. Whether you have employees working fully remotely or your teams work in-house, the risk of possible data theft or a breach needs to be managed by a skilled IT security team.

CNS has over thirty years of experience with security support for businesses of varying sizes. You will get access to both on-site and remote support when you choose to work with us, and your teams will be able to talk to skilled call center employees 24 hours a day. Data protection, cybersecurity measures, upgrades, and strategic IT solutions are all security services that we offer to our Folsom-area clients. CNS can also work on cloud-based or network-based infrastructures and provide tailored IT support for your business with ease.

Getting access to the highest level of security increases business efficiency and makes sure that you are able to count on your network to protect your client and company data at all times. We make certain that you have access to the most up-to-date security products to keep hackers and bad actors from gaining access to your network. Protecting your company from data theft and breaches is of critical importance, and we take this charge just as seriously as you do.

Benefits of Picking CNS for your IT Security Services in Folsom

CNS offers more than just basic security support for your Folsom business. We deliver custom and flexible services that are designed for your network and its needs. You will never have to wonder or worry about whether or not security protocols are being kept current and up to date, and you can trust our teams to take care of updates and patches that keep your network safe and secure at all times.

CNS employs skilled and certified technicians and teams who can provide immediate and authoritative support when it is needed most. Our proactive attitude responds to changes in the cybersecurity reality, and we make certain that your network is managed ahead of the curve. We believe that frequent network assessments and network testing are essential to prevent problems before they can turn into a serious breach.

If you need malware or antivirus support, our teams can handle these services as well. We can also work on your firewall and do an assessment of the structure of your access profiles for employees. All of these moving parts of your daily workflows are a big factor in the overall security of your network, and we can look at all of them for you. The team who is assigned to your account will know all about your network and its structure so that you do not have to explain to anyone what needs to be done if an issue crops up. We believe in being responsive and taking care of security needs before you even notice that anything needs attention.

  • Experienced team members who know how to provide excellent customer service and real results.
  • A proactive attitude that does not treat any solution as too small for attention. We have undertaken the Soc2 certification process to keep up with the changing needs of security support.
  • Network assessments that look for weaknesses and provide fixes.
  • Protect your data with anti-virus software and malware.
  • Dedicated consultants who work just for you and know your business inside and out.
  • Contracts that you can cancel at any time.
IT Security Services in Folsom, CA
IT security processes for your Folsom area business

Updated IT Security Processes For Your Folsom Area Company

It is a big task to try to know everything about IT security and manage your own network. This is not usually a realistic goal for those who have a company to manage, and having an in-house security team can be cost-prohibitive. This is why CNS has created fully-managed IT security support services for your network security needs. You can hand off this time-consuming work to the skilled technicians at CNS so that you can get back to running your business.

We also make certain that compliance is always at the forefront of our minds. Compliance and regulatory issues can cause harm to your business, just like data theft and hacking. We know that you need to remain compliant and meet regulatory standards, and we take the time to provide care for this need alongside supporting your network security needs.

CNS believes that frequent security assessments are necessary to identify problems before they become serious concerns. As cyber threats and cyber security needs change, the team at CNS will make sure that your network is prepared to protect your business. It is always a better practice to be looking for flaws in your network than it is to be responding to a crisis after a breach has occurred.

Capital Network Solutions, Inc.(CNS) Completes MSP Verify Level 1 Certification with SOC 2 Type 1 Audit

SOC2 Certification

CNS takes providing data security very seriously. With this goal in mind, CNS has taken the time to engage in the rigorous process of securing an SOC2 certification. This certification is only granted by external auditors who have verified that CNS can offer superior data security and protection for every client that it supports. There are not many companies who can say that they have been granted this coveted certification because it is very difficult to get. You can trust CNS to offer you superior data protection as well as IT security services. We will make sure that our connection with your network is not the reason that your company experiences a breach. At CNS, we believe that the highest level of security is the only level of security to offer up to our clients. To meet this commitment, we have taken the time to submit to the SOC2 certification process, which clearly displays our commitment to this promise.

CNS IT services offers cybersecurity assessments in Sacramento Area

Choose the Best It Security Service in Folsom

CNS provides authoritative and well-rounded IT security support for your business that is backed by the coveted SOC2 certification process. There is no better company to choose for your IT security needs, and you will be so glad that you have chosen to place the security of your network and the maintenance processes for it into the hands of such a skilled team.

Contact us today to get access to SOC2 certified IT security support so that you can protect your company from cyber threats and data theft each day with ease.

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How Much Does IT Cost?

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IT Onboarding Process

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Personalized and Effective IT Support is Our Goal

At CNS, we take pride in offering you personalized IT support services that are designed correctly for your unique business needs. Our Sacramento-area customers will be able to get everything from on-site support to entirely managed care if they need it. You can trust us to have the most skilled team available to you for each of your needs, and we promise to provide responsive and effective support for all of your needs. Your teams cannot work effectively without skilled IT care, and we can deliver you a customized level of support for your daily needs.