22 08, 2019

Exposing the Top 4 Myths of Cloud Security

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Security breaches and their business impacts make the headlines frequently, underscoring the need for more stringent security.  One in five organizations lost customers as a result of a cyberattack, while nearly 30 percent lost revenue.  At the same time, roughly one-third of U.S. businesses reported a data breach of customer information at some point. Meanwhile, 74 percent of IT leaders say that security concerns hold them back from moving to the cloud. "Exposing the Top 4 Myths of Cloud Security (Get Started with Office 365)" is a downloadable eBook that dispels some of the most common misconceptions about the Microsoft cloud.

21 08, 2019

CNS Provides CSEA-Worthy Network Security

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In our latest Capital Network Solutions customer case study, we look at the story of the California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA). This nonprofit organization serves over 2,000 tax practitioners in 19 Chapters across the state of California. With only ten in-house employees, CSEA doesn't need a full-time IT worker. However, when CSEA needs IT help, they need the best, which is why they went with CNS.

20 08, 2019

Four Ways To Accelerate Startup Growth

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Small businesses suffered over 1,200 data breaches in 2018, exposing over 446 million records in the process. Meanwhile, the majority of small companies go belly up within one year of a successful cyberattack. Data breaches can be devastating to SMBs, to say nothing of a startup business. Click the link for expert advice on improving the efficiency, productivity, security and success of your startup.

15 08, 2019

Microsoft 365 Customer Story: Lilly

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Lilly is based in Indianapolis, but it maintains offices in 18 countries around the world.  That makes collaboration difficult, especially given the long, expensive, complicated and regulation-heavy process of developing new drugs.  Working with the integrated capabilities of Microsoft 365 helped Lilly share and analyze data faster and easier, which dramatically increased productivity.  

14 08, 2019

Cyber Breaches and Data Loss – August 2019

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Despite the prevalence of malicious cyber breaches, many organizations still fail to prioritize information security. Roughly 67 percent of SMBs experienced a cyberattack last year, but 60 percent of SMBs do not have a cyberattack prevention plan in place. Meanwhile, only 9 percent of SMBs rank cyber security as a top priority, while 18 percent rate it as their lowest priority. At Capital Network Solutions, we try to close this dangerous knowledge gap by collecting and compiling news stories about cyber breaches. In this week's roundup, we look at attacks on the LAPD, the FDNY, and the largest property and casualty insurer in the country.

13 08, 2019

Cloud Computing and Hardware Updates

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The cloud, as a concept, still creates confusion: what is it, why does it have to exist, where is it, what should we do differently, and how has it changed how we manage updates? The latter question is a significant consideration for businesses everywhere – are you expected to leave things to manage themselves in the cloud, or do you still have to hit refresh on your hardware?

8 08, 2019

Top Home Network Installation Companies in Sacramento

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Capital Network Solutions can help design, set up and secure your Sacramento business IT, but we do not make house calls. That said, even if you don't become a CNS customer, we still want to answer all of your technology questions. Therefore, we compiled this list of the top home network installation companies in the Sacramento area.

7 08, 2019

Sacramento Managed Service Provider Success Story: JTS Engineering

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In our latest customer success story, we look at JTS Engineering, a Sacramento-based firm that completed over 5,000 projects in the last 40 years. As JTS Engineering grew and evolved over the years, the IT infrastructure became too much for any one person to handle. That's where Sacramento managed service provider Capital Network Solutions comes into play. When JTS partnered with CNS, it gained a true partner in technology.

6 08, 2019

Risks and Benefits of BYOD

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There are many positives for companies and employees in allowing users to bring their personal devices to work, and the move to BYOD is only set to grow. A report by Global Market Insights found the BYOD market is on course to hit almost $367 billion by 2022, a 10-fold increase since 2014. But that means IT managers need to be on the front foot when it comes to BYOD security.

1 08, 2019

Microsoft Teams Story: Think Up Consulting

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Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Think Up Consulting is a young and fast-growing agency focused on adult learning.  The company specializes in brand strategy, change management and strategic consulting for its clients.  By leveraging the collaboration capabilities of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, the agency helps global brands make deep, lasting connections with customers.