18 04, 2019

Office 365 Migration Success Story: Ray Stone Inc.

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At Capital Network Solutions, we take great pride in our customer success stories. In this post, we look at the story of Ray Stone, Inc., a Sacramento-based real estate investment and management company. Whether we act as your company's outsourced IT department or support your in-house IT staff, Capital Network Solutions offers IT services tailored to fit your business.

17 04, 2019

Cybersecurity Checklist 2019: 5 Ways to Protect Your SMB

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These days, data protection is more important than ever. As cybersecurity incidents increase across the world, governments are enacting new data privacy and breach notification legislation. These new laws often include penalties for companies that fail to safeguard sensitive data. With all these changes, how can you make sure that your small or mid-sized business remains data-compliant? Click the link to read the five ways to protect your SMB.

16 04, 2019

7 Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online in 2019

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Along with the convenience of modern technology comes untold risks. In the darkness of cyberspace lurks hackers, bots, malware, ransomware and more, just waiting to hijack or corrupt your data. The cyber dangers can be daunting, but there are a few easy steps that you can take to greatly improve your online security posture. Click to read the seven simple ways to stay safe online in 2019.

11 04, 2019

Windows 7 End of Life: What You Need to Know

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On January 14, 2020, the Windows 7 operating system will reach the end of its Extended Support phase. This deadline is otherwise known as Windows 7 "end-of-life."It sounds ominous, but what does it mean for your small business?In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about Windows 7 end-of-life. Read further to find the best practices to make sure your systems remain secure, even after Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.

10 04, 2019

3 Simple Steps to Keep Your IT Systems Safe

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Whether it is your process control network or your business network, hackers want access to your data.For years, process control systems were secured with a combination of “security through obscurity” and willful ignorance. In the modern world, with international hackers looking to disrupt and destroy by any means necessary, ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse.This article runs through a few basic ways that you can protect your process control network, including creating password complexity, renaming default drivers, and controlling traffic both in and out of your network.Click to learn some simple tactics to keep hackers out of your system, and keep your manufacturing business out of the headlines.

9 04, 2019

Top Managed-IT Service Providers in Sacramento

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We are occasionally asked to name some of the other IT service providers in the greater Sacramento area.  Since we want our customers to be as informed as possible, we never shy away from providing honest answers, even regarding our direct competition. Therefore, we put together a list of some of the other Sacramento area information technology companies that made the 2019 Sacramento Business Journal list.  This list only includes the companies that focus on working with IT equipment like servers, networks, PCs and end-user support, as opposed to those that specialize in software development, project management or IT staffing.

5 04, 2019

Top Sacramento IT Consulting Companies 2019

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When Sacramento Business Journal published its annual list of the Top Information Technology Consulting Companies in the area, Capital Network Solutions made the cut for the fifth year in a row. Click the link to see the full top 25.

3 04, 2019

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack Comparison: 8 questions to consider before choosing

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The market-leading collaboration apps Microsoft Teams and Slack are fighting an all-out battle for cloud-based teamwork supremacy. There are many similarities between the two platforms, but which one works better for your small business? In this article, we break down the crucial differences in the Teams vs. Slack fight. We also go over the eight questions that every small business should consider before making a final decision.

2 04, 2019

Cybersecurity Deployment with Microsoft 365

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Threats come from all areas, from malware attacks to compromised user credentials, and even accidental data leaks caused by human error. Naturally, it follows that an effective cybersecurity system should have tools to cover all these areas. Microsoft 365 is a multifaceted solution containing tools to address every imaginable cybersecurity threat.

1 04, 2019

Closing the Compliance Gap with Office 365

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Data security is a very serious and very personal concern for your customers. With Microsoft 365, you can show your customers your genuine commitment to their data security.Microsoft is confident and committed to its security solutions. They offer phone support for critical issues 24/7 that can be taken all the way up to the Office 365 development team, depending on your subscription. You can feel confident with the support you need to keep your customer data secure.At Capital Network Solutions, Inc., we want to help your business build a strong trust with your customers. Call us at (916) 366-6566 to set up a free and consultation and learn more.