12 04, 2021

Kennametal embraces Microsoft cloud strategy to drive business innovation

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.@Kennametal went from a local company to a global powerhouse with #Microsoft cloud solutions. See how your business can go on the same journey of digital transformation to reduce costs, increase productivity, and empower workers to deliver superior results for your organization. Watch the video to learn more!

5 04, 2021

RapidDeploy helps first responders defend public safety with Azure Sentinel

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With public safety and customer trust at stake, #RapidDeploy takes cybersecurity seriously. When RapidDeploy implemented a Security Information and Event Management ( #SIEM ) system, it chose #Microsoft Azure Sentinel, one of the world's first cloud-native SIEMs. Watch the video for the full story.

5 04, 2021

Securing the hybrid cloud with Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel

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.@Azure Security Center has grown rapidly in usage and capabilities. Read how Security Center works with #AzureSentinel to secure infrastructure efficiently. Then contact Capital Network Solutions, Inc. to learn more.

29 03, 2021

St. Luke’s University Health Network secures digital health transformation with Microsoft 365

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What does a digital security transformation on a grand scale look like? St. Luke's University Health Network embarked on a journey using the #Microsoft 365 productivity cloud to empower its 17,000 employees. Watch this video to learn more.

29 03, 2021

Navigate data protection and risk in the cloud era

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Digital transformation in the cloud era has led to an explosion of data, and that means you need evolving ways to protect it. With @Microsoft365, you have new capabilities to safeguard privacy and security for your organization. Read this article to learn more.