20 02, 2020

Microsoft Teams Collaboration Helps Heart Research

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With involvement in more than 150 international research projects each year that require frequent interaction with out-of-country physicians, the Heart Research Institute (HRI) turned to Microsoft 365. This switch enabled real-time collaboration with researchers around the globe, with Microsoft Teams at the heart of their communications. Watch this short video to learn the full story, then contact Capital Network Solutions to learn how we can help your organization realize the promise of a modern workplace.

18 02, 2020

Windows 10 Upgraded: Now What?

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So you’ve finally made the upgrade to Windows 10, and you're ready to put its new features to work. But which handy new functions should you take advantage of first? Here are six important things that you can do to get the show on the road.

13 02, 2020

Small Business Cybersecurity Primer

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We know that you want to protect the personal data of both your customers and your employees.  But do you know how to combat the most common types of cyberattacks? If you need help fighting hackers and preventing disastrous data loss, check out this small business cybersecurity primer from Business News Daily. Then contact the IT experts at CNS to find out how our cost-effective security solutions can help your Northern California business.

11 02, 2020

Data Breach Articles (February 2020)

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Sacramento journalist Daniel Barnes compiles data breach articles covering cyberattacks levied against American organizations. In this week's report, Daniel looks at cyberattacks affecting Northern California schools, Florida libraries and a chicken restaurant in San Diego. Daniel also looks at the first lawsuit to explicitly cite CCPA, California's landmark data privacy law.

7 02, 2020

Microsoft Customer Story: Toronto Zoo

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The smart use of technology is integral to the health and welfare of the Toronto Zoo and its daily operations. By using Microsoft Office 365, zoo employees were able to create a culture of cloud-based collaboration. What about your small to medium-sized Sacramento business? If you're ready to make the move to Office 365, Capital Network Solutions can help.

6 02, 2020

Office 365 Story: Meals on Wheels of Greenville County

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Meals on Wheels serves and nourishes community members across the country. When Meals on Wheels in Greenville County wanted to reach more people in need, the organization's leaders knew they needed a way to keep company data safe and to improve communication among team members.  With security solutions from Microsoft 365 Business, Meals on Wheels of Greenville transformed internal processes and went above and beyond the call to serve their community.

4 02, 2020

Server Upgrades and Cybersecurity

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The vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses are unaware of the connection between critical server upgrades and cybersecurity. In this post, we look at how upgrading to Windows Server 2019 will greatly enhance the security of your server.

31 01, 2020

CA Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) FAQ

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CCPA is coming, whether your small business is ready or not. The California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect in 2020, and it introduces sweeping changes to the world of data privacy protection. Is your business prepared for CCPA? In this post, we look at some of the new rights and penalties created by CCPA. We also compare CCPA vs. GDPR, look at the pros and cons of cyber insurance, and discuss the cyber security measures that can protect your business data.

30 01, 2020

Microsoft Office 365 Story: Mashreq Bank

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Mashreq Bank's sales teams improved efficiency by 60% after connecting their teams and processes across a single platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365. These increased efficiencies translate into more positive customer experiences and more fulfilling customer-facing work for their sales reps. What efficiencies can an integrated platform like Dynamics 365 bring to your business? At Capital Network Solutions, Inc., we are excited to help you find out.

28 01, 2020

Sacramento Science and Tech Events (Feb. 2020)

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Are you interested in attending science and technology-related events in the Sacramento area? Each month, Capital Network Solutions highlights some of the top science and technology events occurring across the Sacramento region. Click to read about free and ticketed events happening in Northern California in February 2020.