Make desktop delivery simple, secure, and cost effective with Citrix XenDesktop.  For SMB users, there is no better way to securely deliver Windows and essential applications to office workers, regardless of where they are, and what network they are using.

Whether you’re looking to deploy a desktop environment or enable users to access essential files, you’ll be able to do it all with Citrix XenDesktop.  With an efficient management system, XenDesktop makes it easy for SMB administrators to create, handle, and monitor groups of users regardless of location and overall functionality.  It also gives administrators the ability to track licenses, making the audit process, as well as quality control, simpler than ever.

Citrix XenDesktop 7

One of the best things about Citrix XenDesktop 7 is that it combines the XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop under a single management system.  It uses FlexCast Management architecture for the foundation of the program.  A single interface called Desktop Studio administers both virtual and hosted desktops as well as published applications.  In addition, the desktop director has been extended so that it will now support all of the XenApp servers, as well as the virtual desktops.  Furthermore, XenDesktop 7 provides the ability for Citrix Edge Sight to pull specific information from both the desktop, and also the server.

What Happened to XenApp?

With XenDesktop 7, SMB users can enjoy the functionality that they loved in the previously separate application, XenApp, with countless improvements and additional features. XenDesktop 7 actually integrates the functionality of XenApp, while also allowing for mobile functionality.  In order to combine the infrastructure and features you loved about XenApp with the new and improved XenDesktop 7, Citrix has made it possible for both the server and the desktops on the server to be fully administered through Desktop Studio.  This is a big step as Citrix has finally switched from the Independent Management Architecture that it has used since the start of WinFrame.

Key Features of the New XenDesktop 7

There are some great new features of the new XenDesktop 7 that specifically target small and medium-sized businesses.  These features include:

  • Desktop Studio: offers one management interface
  • The utilization of the FlexCast Management Architecture: provides one farm for hosted desktops, published applications, and virtual desktops
  • Huge improvements with HDX, especially involving the graphics: Citrix worked closely with NVIDIA to extend the GPU properties by introducing NVIDIA GRID
  • Support for Windows 2012
  • Integrated AppDNA
  • Several Mobility Enhancements: mobile functionality has been greatly improved, making it easier than ever to access Window apps and more from tablets and smartphones.

The new XenDesktop 7 is the premier option for SMB network administrators and IT professionals.  The program offers a way to simplify operations and administration for companies of all sizes.  It makes it easier and more cost-effect than ever before to manage and deploy desktops as well as virtual apps.  XenDesktop 7 is supported by nearly every platform (thanks largely due to the fact that it uses the Citrix ICA progtocol), which means there’s clients for nearly every operating system available.  XenDesktop also simplifies workflow, as well as automated configuration checking, and reduces much of the time and additional effort needed to deploy new services.

Currently, XenDesktop 7 is available in three different versions, VDI, Enterprise, and Platinum. Each edition can be based on a per-device, per-user, or concurrent basis.  It is also available for all hosted and shared apps as well as any type of desktop workload.  Customers that use the platinum and enterprise version will be able to update to the newest edition with no extra charge, and they can migrate their environment as they see fit.