Think you are too small to be a cyber attack victim? Think again!

A recent study pointed out that SMBs are increasingly becoming targets of cybercriminals because their cybersecurity measures aren’t as strong, sophisticated, or effective as those of large companies. Often, SMB owners tend to think they are too small to be targeted; in fact, their size and lack of cybersecurity measures make them an easy target for cybercriminals. This blog focuses on what small- and medium-sized businesses need to understand about cybersecurity.

One of the first things to understand is–no matter how lucky or careful you are– cybersecurity breaches are bound to happen. You are, at any point in time, just one click away from getting your entire IT network or data compromised. While this truth is the same for both smaller and bigger organizations, as an SMB the impact on your business, revenue, and brand is likely to be far greater when compared to a bigger company.

Second, the landscape of cybercrime is constantly changing. The more security features and components you have in place, the more cybercriminals are changing their tactics. So, you need to be constantly on your guard to keep up with them and fortify your IT infrastructure from a security perspective.