21 05, 2019

Data Breaches: Cyber Security News May 2019

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The headlines are so full of data breaches these days, to the point that it is almost impossible to keep up. From giant corporations like Marriott and Equifax to mom-and-pop stores to public institutions, no business is immune to the dangers of data breaches. The costs associated with a data breach are especially devastating to small to medium-sized companies. At Capital Network Solutions, we possess three decades of experience helping Sacramento small businesses secure their IT networks.

15 05, 2019

Tech Experts Predict the IT Industry’s Biggest Challenges 2019

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Getting ahead of the curve in the tech industry is never easy, but it's becoming more important than ever. To help get you started, Forbes published a detailed list of the 13 biggest challenges facing the IT industry in 2019, including cyber security threats and cloud network issues. At Capital Network Solutions in Sacramento, we have the tools to increase productivity for your company and employees. We can help you stay current, agile, and prepared in the face of progress and change. Contact CNS at (916) 366-6566 to learn more about our managed IT service plans.

7 05, 2019

Cyber Insurance: Is It Right for Your SMB?

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About one-third of American companies currently carry cyber insurance, and the total value of premiums is projected to reach $7.5 billion by the end of next year. But is cyber insurance right for your small business? In this post, we break down the basics of cyber liability insurance, including what it covers and how to choose the best policy.

3 05, 2019

Small Business Cyber Security FAQ

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Cyber security tends to rank low on a small business owner’s list of concerns. However, with cyberattacks on the rise and new data privacy legislation on the horizon, doing nothing is no longer an option. Two-thirds of SMBs suffered a cyberattack last year, while the average cyberacttack costs nearly $3 million. Most small business owners aren’t IT experts, so in the interests of education, we put together this list of FAQs related to SMB cyber security basics. When you work with Capital Network Solutions, you don't just get a managed service provider. You get a partner in all things IT.

2 05, 2019


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These days, cyber security is a business-oriented risk and doing nothing is not an option. But what are your first steps as a small business? In this post, Capital Network Solutions co-founder and CEO Don Thompson outlines some cyber security best practices that will help keep your IT network healthy and safe.

30 04, 2019

CCPA: How Will It Affect My Business?

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CCPA is coming, whether your small business is ready or not. The California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect in 2020, and it introduces sweeping changes to the world of data privacy protection. Is your business prepared for CCPA? In this post, we look at some of the new rights and penalties created by CCPA. We also compare CCPA vs. GDPR, look at the pros and cons of cyber insurance, and discuss the cyber security measures that can protect your business data.

25 04, 2019

What is the CNS Onboarding Process?

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Changing your IT service provider might seem overwhelming, but when you choose Capital Network Solutions, we work with you to make the onboarding process smooth and seamless. In this post, we lay out the entire process for onboarding a new client, from the initial meet-and-greet to the final transition to managed services.

23 04, 2019

Penetration Tests: Powered by Hackers

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.Black hat hackers (aka the bad guys) from across the globe threaten your IT network, so why not hire some white hat hackers (aka the good guys) to strengthen your security posture? Businesses can reveal chinks in their security armor by hiring good-guy hackers to launch simulated cyber attacks. Read further to find the three practices that will ensure the best results from a penetration test.

17 04, 2019

Cyber Security Checklist 2019: 5 Ways to Protect Your SMB

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These days, data protection is more important than ever. As cyber security incidents increase across the world, governments are enacting new data privacy and breach notification legislation. These new laws often include penalties for companies that fail to safeguard sensitive data. With all these changes, how can you make sure that your small or mid-sized business remains data-compliant? Click the link to read the five ways to protect your SMB.

16 04, 2019

7 Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online in 2019

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Along with the convenience of modern technology comes untold risks. In the darkness of cyberspace lurks hackers, bots, malware, ransomware and more, just waiting to hijack or corrupt your data. The cyber dangers can be daunting, but there are a few easy steps that you can take to greatly improve your online security posture. Click to read the seven simple ways to stay safe online in 2019.