15 01, 2020

NIST Security Checklist: Small Business Information Security

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Many small businesses don't think about cybersecurity until it's too late. However, the costs of a data breach can be devastating to SMBs. Recognizing an education gap, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) put together "Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals." This 54-page guide outlines the NIST best practices for small business cyber security. In this post, we simplify the NIST guide into a checklist that you can use to strengthen the information security of your Sacramento small business.

8 01, 2020

Microsoft 365: Simplifying Your Compliance Journey

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To thrive in today's privacy-focused era, you need a trusted partner in technology. You need someone who can help you not only overcome current challenges but plan for the future. Thanks in part to our partnership with Microsoft, you can trust Capital Network Solutions to help you navigate your compliance journey.

7 01, 2020

Top Security Awareness Training Companies 2020

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As cybercriminals develop increasingly advanced methods of breaching your business network and hijacking your data, the field of security awareness training has expanded in response to the threats. The top companies in the security awareness training field combine interactive training modules, simulated phishing attacks, real-time reporting and frequent follow-ups. The goal: to help transform your employees into human firewalls.

7 01, 2020

Technology Challenges and Benefits for Global Companies

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You know that technology in the workplace helps connect your teams and resources. But do you know the specific benefits and drawbacks of teamwork technology? Chief among the benefits: faster communication, enhanced efficiency and reduced business costs. If that sounds good to you, click to read the full story.

30 12, 2019

Cyber Attack News Roundup

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Sacramento journalist Daniel Barnes rounds up and summarizes the latest cyber attack news stories affecting organizations across the United States. In this week's roundup, Daniel looks at data breaches affecting news stations in Washington, upscale restaurants in New York City and an airline in Alaska.

23 12, 2019

Online Security Tips to Keep You Safe in 2020

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The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous neighborhood.  Digital marketers want to buy your private data, while hackers want to steal and sell it. Here are four simple steps that you can take to stay safe online in 2020.

19 12, 2019

Cyber Cold War to Come in 2020?

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Check Point Software Technologies, a global provider of cyber security solutions, recently unveiled its cyber security predictions for 2020. With these predictions, Check Point's researchers anticipate the major cyber incidents and technical developments that will impact businesses in the coming year. They also share the security strategies that will help prevent these incidents from causing widespread damage and disruption.

12 12, 2019

Windows 10 Quick Tips

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Want Windows 10 to run faster on your PC? Click to read a baker’s dozen of Windows 10 quick tips to make your machine speedier and less prone to performance and system issues. If you need assistance implementing Windows 10 for your Sacramento area small business, contact the tech experts at Capital Network Solutions.

5 12, 2019

Windows 7 End of Support: Not the Only Reason to Migrate to Windows 10

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The looming Windows 7 end of support deadline should be enough to prompt any business to accelerate migration to Windows 10. But fear of being marooned on an insecure operating system isn’t the only reason to make the move – there are many strong business reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 that will deliver real value to your staff and the company as a whole.

26 11, 2019

Tech Events in Sacramento (December 2019)

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In addition to providing IT support to local businesses and charitable support to local nonprofits, Capital Network Solutions also promotes Sacramento science and technology events. Click to read about some of the events happening in the Sacramento region in December.