How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Global Teams?

Teams in today’s modern workplace are often multi-office or even multi-continent affairs. Meanwhile, a decentralized workforce makes reliable and efficient communication more complicated and more critical than ever.  As a result, team cohesion can challenge even the best people managers.

Kim DeLine is the COO for Elevate K-12, the market leader in live streaming educational services.  She is also a Forbes Councils Member and a member of the Forbes Chicago Business Council. DeLine runs a business from Chicago with workers distributed across the United States, along with a large team in India.  In the Forbes article linked below, learn how De Line engages a distributed workforce.

Creating a Culture of Empathy

DeLine advises that businesses tackle the problem of communication amongst decentralized workers and teams by creating a “culture of empathy.”  It’s important to understand that not everyone comes from the same background, although that’s easier said than done.  In the Forbes article, DeLine offers a few tips for achieving this new and improved work culture:

Think about your teammates

When making decisions, consider all of your co-workers, especially the ones who don’t work in the main office.

Assume innocence

Don’t jump to conclusions about the motivations of other people.

Celebrate diversity

Honor and share cultural traditions throughout the company.

Microsoft Teams and Teamwork

Microsoft Teams provides a single solution to connect across geographical and organizational boundaries. With Microsoft Teams, you get tools to communicate internal announcements, hold online meetings, and foster a culture of learning and sharing.  Meanwhile, you can connect across geographical and organizational boundaries, run status updates, and conduct team-building exercises with remote workers.

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In the meantime, click to read this article about global teams by Forbes Councils member Kim DeLine.

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