Try to Google the name of your company today. Do you see reviews from third party review sites like Yelp, Insider pages, City Search, or Kudo’s? See anything you don’t like? With potential customers researching products and services, bad reviews or complaints that turn up in a search can mean lost business.

Search Engines rank 3rd party reviews highly because it carries more weight than what you may put on your own website. Once a negative review is posted on a public review site, it can be very hard to remove. To add insult to injury, your negative review may be duplicated in other review sites causing the one negative review to show up in many positions on the first page of search engine results.

Some review sites let you claim your business and respond back to the negative review, others don’t. Responding to a negative review can also have a negative effect if it is not done correctly. Another problem is most review sites only post a user name like “Soccerdad” without providing you with contact information so it is almost impossible to contact the person that gave you the negative review to correct the problem.

There are Reputation Management Companies sprouting up all over the place geared towards combating your negative reviews. You can spend thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success. 

What does CNS suggest?

CNS has been providing Web Design and Search Engine Optimization for nearly four years. We understand the frustrations of managing negative reviews. We suggest starting a positive review campaign that can be pushed through your emails, newsletters, website and any other marketing  that you are pushing to your clients both past and present. Let your happy clients help you sell your services. With a positive review campaign in place, sooner or later you will outweigh any negative reviews.  This process will also keep you in tune with how your customers feel about your services and terms which in turn may help you eliminate future negative reviews.

We use a company that is called RatePoint which is a review site just like Yelp or Citysearch except it gives you more power to change a negative review into a positive review before it is ever published to the Web.

RatePoint gives businesses a seven day arbitration process that lets you:

·        Contact the person that gave you the negative lead

·        Remove a review that is not a client of yours

·        Remove a review if the reviewer does not respond to your email

RatePoint charges by the number of reviews you receive per month. Reviews that your clients provide can automatically be added to your website and can also be pushed to your business facebook account.

You still need a battle plan to combat the negative leads that you may already have. If you would like us to assess your online reputation give us a call.