Since opening in 1975, Climatec became a leading provider of energy solutions and building technologies.  One of the main reasons: a commitment to continually improving customer service.  Climatec aims to merge buildings with technology.  It accomplishes this goal through automation, energy efficiency, life safety systems and security solutions.

In recent years, the company experienced rapid expansion through organic and aggressive acquisitions.  As the company grew, Climatec found that it needed a single, all-encompassing solution.  They needed something that could connect multiple offices, adapt quickly to business processes, and support employees out in the field.  Climatec needed an all-in-one system that could handle all the operations for the various parts of the company.

In other words, Climatec needed Microsoft.

Climatec: Improving Customer Service with Microsoft

Climatec chose a Microsoft solution for field service to help it organize and automate business processes.  Meanwhile, the Microsoft partnership also equipped Climatec employees with the data they need to deliver exceptional customer service.  Here are some of the ways that Microsoft empowered Climatec service technicians to do their best work possible:

  • Streamlined and sped-up the invoice process
  • Offered total connectivity through mobile devices
  • Reduced time spent driving to and from the office
  • Created a paperless environment

Through the secure sharing of data and the implementation of remote communication and collaboration tools, Climatec provided a better customer service experience to their clients.  Microsoft managed to increase efficiency at a company known for increasing efficiency.

Like Climatec, your company can use automation and connected interactions to improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Bringing in the right technology to enable employees creates better customer experiences.  Let us help you drive intelligent optimization and empower your organization.

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