Making Waves in Australia

Presentation Studio is making waves across the Asia-Pacific region by helping organizations create beautiful, memorable presentations.  The Sydney-based company specializes in writing and designing sleek and professional presentations for its clients.

As Presentation Studio expanded in proportion to the demand for its product, company leaders at Presentation Studio knew they needed to improve their technology.  Of course, when Presentation decided that they need to upgrade to a cloud-based platform, they partnered with Microsoft 365.

Today, Presentation Studio employees use Microsoft productivity and collaboration tools like OneDrive and Teams.  They can video chat, collaborate on documents and check emails, all from the safety of the cloud.

These upgrades allow Presentation employees to stay connected all the time, even when they work remotely.  At the same time, they can work together across a multitude of apps and devices.  Meanwhile, the enterprise-grade, built-in Microsoft 365 Business security solutions keep sensitive data safe from hackers.

Microsoft 365 Business Security Solutions

The teams of experts at Microsoft work to improve the security, adaptability and productivity of your business.  Their tools get updated frequently, so you’re always running the latest version.

With help from Microsoft 365 Business security, Presentation Studio workers dramatically increased productivity and connectivity.  Even better, after adopting a cloud-based Microsoft 365 platform, the company cut its IT bill in half.

Do you want enhanced security for customer and company data while also cutting costs?  Are you curious about how Microsoft 365 Business security solutions can help your company save money and stay safe?  If so, contact our team of information technology experts at Capital Network Solutions.  Set up a free consultation, and we will show you the ways that Microsoft tools will benefit your Sacramento area business.

Meanwhile, check out this video from Microsoft about Presentation Studio in Sydney, Australia.