Toronto Zoo: Microsoft Customer Story

The Toronto Zoo is the premier zoo in Canada.  It comprises 700 acres of land, 450 species of animals and 5,000 employees.  Panda bears and polar bears count among the Toronto Zoo’s many rare and exotic species.

With so many animals to protect and study, the Toronto Zoo compiles massive amounts of data.  Zoo employees not only accrue and analyze data about all 450 animal species, but they must also share their findings with partners around the world.

It is not a simple task for any company, much less one as large and sprawling as the Toronto Zoo.  However, it became a lot easier when they partnered with Microsoft.

A Culture of Cloud-Based Collaboration

The smart use of technology is integral to the health and welfare of the Toronto Zoo and its daily operations.  By using Microsoft Office 365, zoo employees were able to move away from charting and tracking data with pen and paper.  Instead, the Toronto Zoo and Microsoft partnered to create a culture of cloud-based collaboration.  Using Microsoft tools changed the way that employees worked, improving external data sharing as well as internal processes.

What about your small to medium-sized business in the Sacramento area?  Have you moved to Office 365 yet?  When you become a Microsoft customer like the Toronto Zoo, you get industry-leading security and support.  You also get frequently updated, all-in-one tools that make communication and collaboration easier for your entire organization.

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Meanwhile, check out this video that shows how becoming a Microsoft customer revolutionized operations at the Toronto Zoo.