Digital Transformation in the Desert

Mashreq Bank increases growth and market share by staying ahead of the technological curve.

How does the oldest bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stay relevant?  According to Mashreq Bank, the secret is in their people, as well as their culture of innovation.

Founded as the Bank of Oman in 1967 and renamed Mashreq Bank in 1993, the company consistently stayed ahead of the technological curve.  Mashreq introduced ATMs to the UAE before any other bank.  Meanwhile, it became the country’s first financial institution to offer chip-based credit cards.  Today, with over $2 billion in annual revenue, Mashreq Bank operates across the globe, from New York to Hong Kong.

Mashreq Bank also uses technology to make life easier for its employees.  Their sales teams improved efficiency by 60% after connecting their departments and processes across Microsoft Dynamics 365.  However, the benefits of adopting Microsoft technology didn’t stop there.

Microsoft Office 365 Story

By using Microsoft tools, Mashreq turned multiple employee devices into a single device.  Deploying Microsoft Surface tablets across the organization increased connectivity by integrating seamlessly with Office 365.  Since Microsoft continuously enhances and enriches their products with new capabilities, Mashreq remains on the cutting edge.

The Mashreq digital transformation resulted in 800 employees with equal powers of mobility and connectivity.  Microsoft became a “gamechanger” for Mashreq, as their speed of response to customer queries made a dramatic increase.

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In the meantime, check out a Microsoft Office 365 story about Mashreq Bank.  Learn more about how this innovative United Arab Emirates bank uses Microsoft technology to support their sales team.