Terminal Velocity

Customers can be unforgiving, especially when their products and services are on the line. For businesses in the transportation industry, taking the time to review every little detail carefully is crucial. This practice ensures that customers receive their goods when they need them, where they need them.

The problem is that time is also money. Finding the sweet spot between efficiency and quality in customer service is a challenge for global transport companies like Combi Terminal Twente (CTT). Based in The Netherlands, CTT transfers shipping containers all over the world in trucks, barges and trains. For a such complex organization, the problem probably seemed unsurmountable.

However, Microsoft Flow solved the challenge of information management at CTT. Since they started using Microsoft Flow, CTT removed 99% of the manual process with the 2,000 freight documents they receive each week. AtBot with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams connected all of CTT’s data and improved communication at the same time. Meanwhile, The need to gain insights into the supply chain of their customers.

Microsoft Teams & Customer Service

Digital transformation evolved customer service by allowing automation to handle the easy issues, while people take care of the complex ones. AtBot and Teams transformed the business of CTT, a company that operates in a highly competitive market. It changed the way that CTT communicates with its customers and allowed the company to scale for growth.

Microsoft Teams is the future for communications, with all the tools you need to improve productivity. However, Microsoft Teams also presents a powerful customer service solution. If you need help integrating Microsoft Teams into your Sacramento business, contact Capital Network Solutions for a complimentary consultation. Meanwhile, check out this video that shows the almost limitless capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

In this video, you’ll learn how CTT is leveraging the integration capabilities of Microsoft Teams to provide global customer support. The support gets powered by AtBot and gives CTT’s clients the ability to track their goods anytime and anywhere. Watch this video to learn how global transport company Combi Terminal Twente (CTT) has successfully integrated AtBot into Microsoft Teams to deliver always-on package tracking.