Microsoft Teams Helps NASCAR Teams

In the sport of NASCAR, quick, clear and effective communication can make the difference between winning and losing.  Just one second can mean that you finish first instead of a distant tenth place. As such, racing teams like Hendrick Motorsports are always searching for ways to shave off another fraction of a second.  Gaining a competitive advantage in NASCAR requires a much higher level of technology than you might think

Recently, NASCAR changed its rules to open up access to different data streams from each car.  These data streams include speed, brake level and throttle position, coupled with GPS location.  Hendrick needed a solution for generating actionable insights from this real-time telemetry information.  Meanwhile, they needed a way to share this information in real-time with various stakeholders, including all 600 Hendrick employees.

That’s when Microsoft Teams raced into the picture.

High-Speed Communication and Collaboration

To achieve high-speed communication and collaboration, Hendrick turned to the industry leader.  Microsoft Teams helps Hendrick Motorsports race ahead of the competition. Hendrick chose Microsoft for its efficient communication capabilities, with all tools accessible in a single, convenient location.  The racing team also preferred Microsoft’s enterprise-grade, end-to-end security.

The result of the Microsoft partnership: the Hendrick team can determine the ideal point on a turn to ease the throttle and engage the brakes.  They can also identify the most efficient line around a curve, and immediately communicate the data via Teams.  Hendrick team members use the Microsoft suite for instant messaging, video conferencing and real-time data collection.  Everything flows through a single tool, so everyone has access, and nothing gets overlooked.

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Meanwhile, check out this video about the partnership between Microsoft and Hendrick Motorsports.  The video shows how Microsoft tools help Hendrick turn real-time racing telemetry into lightning-fast decisions and faster racecar performance.