NOTE: The Tap feature is only available if you have an Office 365 Subscription and is now only available to customers who have one of these Office 365 SKUs: Business Premium, Enterprise E3, or Enterprise E5.

If you’d like to find and reuse content used by you and your team in your working document or email, use the Tap feature in Word 2016 or Outlook 2016.

Tap for Word 2016 allows you to leverage and re purpose existing content all within Word 2016, keeping you focused on document creation rather than searching for files and looking for information. Tap surfaces relevant files most frequently used by you and your co-workers. Tap recommends personalized content from Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications and displays it in the tap pane. Once files are surfaced, you can pull content from those files into your working document and start building your document. If what you are looking for wasn’t surfaced, Tap allows you to search for what you need from within the pane. To insert and re-use content in your working Word document, simply hover over any result in the tap pane and choose Adding image/ picture .

Tap is also available in Outlook. Tap for Outlook gives you the ability to access relevant documents within the email workflow and allows you to pull in content from those documents right into your email for easy sharing, without having to attach the entire file.

NOTE: Tap uses Office 365 graph to query the content you and your team use from Office 365 applications and display it in the tap pane.

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