Train your staff: Your first and best firewall

Train your staff: Your first and best firewall

Protecting your organization against cyber threats can seem like a challenge that involves extremely high-tech wizardry, sophisticated knowledge etc.. Much of this is true. Protecting your data and your company against cyber threats requires skilled professionals. But that isn’t only what is needed. The first line of defense in data security is everyday common sense and diligence on the part of everyone who works in your organization.

Some thoughts . . .

The first challenge in beefing up your data security is creating awareness among all of […]

  • Capital Network Solutions, Inc.(CNS) Completes MSP Verify Level 1 Certification with SOC 2 Type 1 Audit

Capital Network Solutions, Inc.(CNS) Completes MSP Verify Level 1 Certification with SOC 2 Type 1 Audit

MSP Verify Program offers vendor agnostic certification for Cloud and Managed Services Practitioners Worldwide; Provides Quality Assurance, and Stamp of Reliability for Current, Potential Customers

Sacramento, CA [3-1-21] — Capital Network Solutions, Inc.(CNS) today announced that it has successfully completed the MSPAlliance’s MSP Verify Program (MSPCV) certification and SOC 2 Type 1. The MSPCV is based on the 10 control objectives of the Unified Certification Standard for Cloud & MSPs (UCS) and is the oldest certification program for cloud computing and managed services providers. CNS SOC 2 Type 1 audit was based on the UCS as well as the Trust Services […]

  • Why Cyber Insurance is Important

Three best practices to protect your data

Three best practices to protect your data.

While malware and phishing attacks have evolved over time and are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated, there are ways to protect your data from them. Here are two best practices to observe no matter the size of IT infrastructure needed in your company or organization to follow that can help safeguard your business.

Install a strong firewall
A firewall can help prevent unauthorized access to your network by monitoring access attempts and allowing or rejecting them. Firewalls are flexible in the sense that you can […]

  • You have been Hacked

Ransomware vs other malware attacks

Ransomware vs. other malware attacks

There is no end to the volume and type of malware out there in cyberspace. For a very long time, organizations were aware that viruses could attack their data, render it corrupted and unusable. They were also aware that malware was used to steal data and use it for–primarily–monetary gain. Sell off banks of credit card numbers, steal identities, re-sell Social Security numbers, etc.

Phishing, as we talked about in an earlier blog, is a set of tricks to get access to personal information and probably even […]

Everyone wants to go phishing

Everyone wants to go phishing.

You are very much aware that your company or organization is at risk, every minute of the day, from cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, and even benign errors that can put your data at risk. Even a failed backup procedure could mean a loss of critical company and customer data. In today’s blog we’re just going to review one of the most common methods that bad actors use to try to gain access to your data. Phishing. Phishing isn’t a particular type of malware or virus that attacks your […]

  • Improving Business With Outsourced IT

Improving Your Business Performance With Outsourced IT

Outsourcing has become a fairly common element in business processes today. What started off as a means to cut business costs and take advantage of cheaper resources based offshore has now become an essential part of running a business today. Its definition doesn’t necessarily include offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing today simply involves using external entities to handle specific, specialized business functions so that organizations can focus on their core competencies. Outsourcing HR, real estate portfolio management, tax audits, etc is fairly common nowadays. This whitepaper discusses another function which, when outsourced, can bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to your business’s overall […]

Just move it to the cloud

How you migrate your data to the cloud depends on many factors, but #Microsoft is here to help. Learn from this blog post about different methods of data migration and which one may be best for you.

Empower IT

Is your #IT department weighed down supporting third-party legacy devices and technologies? Streamline your IT infrastructure and retire the third-party collaboration, communication, security, and mobility technologies with the powerful, versatile, fully-integrated #Microsoft #Surface family of devices. Check out this infographic and contact Capital Network Solutions, Inc. to learn more.

Cyber hygiene: The key to your business’s good cyber health

Cyber hygiene: The key to your business’s good cyber health

We all know that basic hygiene is a must to lead a healthy life. Did you know that the same rule applies to IT as well? There’s something known as cyber hygiene that plays a key role in keeping your business healthy from the IT perspective. So, how do you ensure your business doesn’t fail when it comes to cyber hygiene? Here are a few tips.

Follow industry benchmarks and standards
Remember that if an IT practice has gained industry-wide recognition and adoption, it is because […]