Does Tech Make Work Better?

You might disagree if you’re a Luddite, but people generally acknowledge that technology makes their work lives easier.  In recent years, automation replaced or enhanced up to 55 percent of physically repetitive tasks at work.  Widespread automation leaves more time for employees to work on complex tasks that machines can’t handle.  Meanwhile, technology spurred a 115 percent increase in telecommuting over the last decade.

The modern office looks much different than in years past.  However, seismic change isn’t always for the better.  After 21st-century technology trends spurred a revolution in the workplace, many companies find that a balanced approach is more effective.  Today, the answers seem increasingly nuanced, characterized by a cycle of changes.

Technology native Millenials already make up the majority of the workforce, and by 2025, they will comprise 75 percent of all employees.  Modern workers increasingly expect the freedom to work remotely, but the article linked below urges moderation.  According to expert research, remote employees still want to feel connected, while younger workers require hands-on mentoring.

Technology Trends at Work

You should give your employees the technology they need to succeed, especially if you run a decentralized workplace.  The need to make communication easy and accessible, especially when working remotely, is more critical than ever.

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In the meantime, check out the article linked below, part of a partnership between Microsoft and The New York Times.  The story takes an honest and thoughtful look at the ways technology affects our work lives.

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