When it comes to balancing security concerns with end-user flexibility, many small business owners get forced to become tightrope walkers.

The increasing frequency of security breaches and sophistication of cyberattacks is impossible to ignore.  Connecting personal and Internet-of-Things devices to your network can create security vulnerabilities if not done correctly.  At the same time, the modern employee expects the freedom to get their work done from anywhere on the planet.

How can you give your employees the freedom they demand while also protecting your valuable business data?

Microsoft 365 unified endpoint management (UEM) is the most secure, flexible approach to managing Windows 10 and other mobile devices in your modern workplace. It combines the dual strengths of Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager.  UEM is the simplest way to cloud-connect your existing management infrastructure and reduce overall complexity.  The result: empowered and productive end-users and enhanced device security.

Strengthening Endpoint Security

Some of the prime benefits of Microsoft 365 unified endpoint management include:

  • Centralized Visibility and Control — you get actionable data reporting in real-time
  • Modern Business Scenario Support — secure and manage BYODs, kiosks and IoT devices
  • Secured Users, Devices and Apps — institute consistent endpoint security protocols at your company
  • Improved End-User Experience — all devices work together safely, securely and smartly

Give employees the tools to work when, how and where they want with Microsoft 365.  You will keep your data safe and your workers happy and fulfilled.

At Capital Network Solutions, we can help you centralize visibility and control in an approach that keeps your end-users and IT department safe and empowered.  We have over three decades of experience assisting Northern California businesses with their technology issues.  Contact CNS at (916) 366-6566 to learn how you can keep your data and employees’ mobile devices secure with Microsoft 365.

In the meantime, check out the video below to see how Microsoft 365 unified endpoint management can strengthen your network security.