We are rapidly approaching the Windows 7 end of life deadline.

The Windows 7 operating system will reach the end of extended support on January 14, 2020.  That’s just a little over six months from now.  After the end of life deadline, Microsoft will no longer provide software updates or security patches for Windows 7.  In other words, if you continue to run Windows 7 after it reaches end of life, you risk data breaches.

Anyone following the news about the Baltimore ransomware attack knows that skimping on security patches leaves your network vulnerable to hackers.  In the case of the cyber attack against Baltimore, hackers exploited a two-year-old security hole that the city never patched.

If you have not upgraded to the latest version of Windows, you could be losing out on security and productivity.  With next-generation productivity tools, enterprise-level cyber security and automatic software updates, Windows 10 truly provides the entire package.

There are numerous paths to upgrade Windows 7, but the easiest is an “in-place upgrade.”  Rather than forcing you to start over from scratch, an in-place upgrade allows you to maintain productivity and offers a consistent user experience.  Click the link below to view information about how Microsoft deployed Windows 10 as an in-place upgrade.

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