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Capital Network Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a leading Managed Service Provider with SOC 2 Type 1 certification.

Learn more about our dedication to your security and how this certification helps ensure your data always remains protected.

We have taken the time to make sure that we are a SOC2 Certified business so that our clients will have access to effective and properly implemented cybersecurity protection every day. The landscape of cybersecurity changes on a daily basis, but having the right protections in place can make all the difference in keeping your business safe from attack.

The SOC2 certification is only issued by outside auditors and there is a rigorous process to achieve it. There are five essential principles that are necessary to achieve certification and our business takes pride in having met all of these standards to achieve this landmark. Providing our customers with the best possible cybersecurity protection is a matter of great importance and we stand out head and shoulders above the crowd by delivering SOC2 certified cybersecurity support.

What is SOC2 Certification?

SOC2 certification is a voluntary auditing process that companies can submit to in order to ensure that their management of client data is correct. This certification process is built around five principles that must be met or exceeded to secure the certification at the end of the audit. The five principles are as follows: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. This certification system was developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and it is used by various kinds of businesses to ensure that client data is handled correctly each day.

Why Does SOC2 Certification Matter?

This certification process is rigorous and entirely voluntary. Submitting to the process of an audit for this standard ensures that the business that has received it is fit to protect customer data. This is important in vendor relationships with clients due to the increased risk that might be imposed on company data due to vendor access. Vendor compliance with these certification principles is critical to ensure that your company data is safe and secure.


Both physical and electronic data is securely stored and protected from unauthorized users. Monitoring for suspicious activity and an action plan for the event of a data breach are in place.


Information designated as confidential, such as Private Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is fully protected from unauthorized users both within and outside the service organization.

Information Privacy

Information designated as confidential, such as Private Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is fully protected from unauthorized users both within and outside the service organization.

Processing Integrity

Transactions are securely completed and recorded. Financial transactions are encrypted, and platform access or transaction history is granted to authorized users as marketed.


Specific systems and accesses are available to customers and clients as contractually required.

The SOC2 Standard

To become SOC2 certified, CNS was required to demonstrate and provide proof that teams had understanding and skill in preventing system abuse, constructing proper firewalls, and working on daily efforts to identify possible sources of unauthorized access by bad actors and hackers.

The five trust principles govern the level of security that is offered but they also dictate that SLA agreements are properly constructed to create availability of support as well as easy access to the systems that are in place. Site failover, security incident response, and other necessary functions in support of a network actively in use are governed by specific standards when seeking this certification.

SOC2 also requires that the processing integrity of the system meets set levels of compliance. Data monitoring and network functionality are linked and access depends on both of these items. Having a network that is useful and responsive is just as important as one that is secure and safe.

SOC2 requires that privacy is a priority for the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of data. Personal information of vendors, clients, and employees must also be held to a high standard. The standards for compliance for this part of the certification follow the guidelines of the AICPA’s related to GAPP. Controls must be in place to protect the privacy of all kinds of sensitive information like social security numbers and other personal data.

Companies that are approved with a SOC2 certification are trained to deliver a higher standard of customer care that is focused on security and network safety as well as client protection from data theft. There has never been a time when cybersecurity was more important and CNS takes this pledge to its clients very seriously. Designing and utilizing cybersecurity plans that are not inspected by an outside auditor is not in the best interest of our clients in this complex cybersecurity reality.

SOC2 certification assures that our security processes are correct, effective, and entirely trustworthy was the main reason that we sought this important certification. We want you to be sure that you are getting the best cybersecurity support for your network and this certification and the audit that was needed to earn it makes it possible for us to promise superior network support compared to other IT support entities.

What Does SOC2 Certification Mean for You?

If you need help with your cybersecurity planning or your network has not been reviewed by an expert, you need to contact CNS. Having the skills and experience related to and supported by SOC2 certification ensures that your network will be better protected from threats each day. CNS employs a cybersecurity team that offers superior skill and attention to detail for your network management needs.

Being able to trust that your remote employees or outside vendors will not negatively impact our network’s secure function can make each business day less stressful. Most in-house IT teams are not prepared to deliver this kind of excellence in cybersecurity support. When you switch to CNS, you can be sure that your business’ network is as secure as possible and that your client data is protected.

From responsiveness in the rare case that there is a breach, to protection and testing to maintain a secure network that is accessible but also safe, CNS security teams know exactly how to care for your business network on a daily basis. The landscape of cybersecurity is always changing and CNS makes sure that your business is protected from the most current threats as they arise. Updating the network, bolstering security processes, and making changes to log-in and access processes are all essential security processes that CNS can deliver for your needs.

Imagine being freed from worries about the safety of your network each day! If you have been keeping tabs on the cybersecurity reality these days and the increased sophistication of cyberattacks, you know just how critical checking this box can be. CNS’ SOC2 certified teams will make sure your business does not come under attack and that your teams are able to work securely even from remote locations.

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