Technology: More Important Than Clean Bathrooms?

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, businesses find that technology plays a more prominent role in a job candidate’s decision.  According to one employee experience study, job candidates feel that a prospective employer’s technology stack is more important than the cleanliness of their bathrooms.

That’s taking it a little far, but there’s no doubt that technology is essential to improving employee experience and drawing the top talent.

You can lead the way in providing a balanced work environment for your current and prospective employees.  It all starts by answering two critical questions about your organizational approach:

  1. Where does technology advance your organization’s talent strategy?

  2. Where does it hinder that strategy?

Adopting technology in the workplace is a double-edged sword. It’s key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace and increasing workplace productivity.  However, it can also compromise connection and lead to isolation.

Enhancing Employee Experience through Technology

Jim Link is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Randstad North America, “one of the world’s largest HR services providers and staffing firms.”  He is also a member of the Forbes Human Resource Council, an invitation-only organization for HR executives.

In the Forbes article linked below, Link describes the two ways that companies can enhance employee experience through technology:

1. Build a Tech-Enabled Experience

Remember that the on-boarding and training phases are crucial to keeping people connected and engaged.  Start your employees off on the wrong track, and they will stay on the wrong track.

2. Balance Technology Overload

It can be difficult for people to disconnect from the workplace after hours.  Foster interpersonal skills and relationships by balancing digital and face-to-face communication.

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Meanwhile, click the link below to read Jim Link’s thoughts about how technology impacts employee experience.

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