“It’s raising the productivity of the individual, the teams, and eventually raising the productivity of the enterprise. That’s going to be our future at Lilly.”

The cutting-edge tools and seamless integration offered by Microsoft 365 don’t just help new businesses grow and evolve. Right now, Microsoft 365 is helping one of America’s longest-running companies set new standards for teamwork and collaboration.

A major player in pharmaceuticals, Lilly was founded by chemist and Civil War veteran Eli Lilly in the 1870s. Despite the company’s long history, Lilly truly helped shape the world of today. It’s almost impossible to imagine modern life without Lilly staples like Prozac and Cialis.

Although based in Indianapolis, Lilly maintains offices in 18 countries around the world. That makes collaboration difficult, especially given the complicated and regulation-heavy process of developing new drugs.

Microsoft 365 Customer Story

Working with the integrated capabilities of Microsoft 365 helped Lilly share and analyze data faster, which dramatically increased productivity. Time to market presents a considerable challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. However, integrated Microsoft tools like SharePoint help to increase the speed of development.

Lilly uses Microsoft 365 tools like Office 365 and Teams to track projects, communicate in real-time and foster innovations. For a “highly meeting-intensive company” like Lilly, Microsoft Teams facilitates decisionmaking and helps implement ideas faster. Even better, the fully integrated toolset helps Lilly with cybersecurity issues such as patient privacy and intellectual property protection.

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In the meantime, click the video to view the Microsoft 365 customer story of Lilly. You will learn more about how Lilly leverages Microsoft 365 to improve productivity and increase profits.