“Everyone deserves to be heard.  Teams has given Kabir a voice.”

For a student who is hard of hearing, it can be difficult to communicate in class.  That’s why Esam Baboukhan, the e-learning manager at the City of Westminster College (CWC), introduced Microsoft Teams to facilitate the learning experience for every student, regardless of their ability to hear.  Since then, Esam noticed an improvement in student teamwork, especially with students that previously communicated through an interpreter.  It’s just one way that the modern workplace enables students to collaborate with each other at CWC.

In the Microsoft Customer Study video below, you will see the story of Kabir, a deaf student who dreams of becoming a web designer or developer.  Thanks to the integrated and easy-to-use applications found in Microsoft Office 365, Kabir can effortlessly communicate with his classmates and instructors.  Not everyone knows sign language, but anyone can use Teams.  Says Kabir in the video, “I feel more confident that I can communicate clearly and quickly.”

Effortless Communication and Collaboration in the Cloud

The modern workplace facilitates teamwork, and students like Kabir can now collaborate at levels not possible before.  At the same time, your business can collaborate better by integrating similar tools.  As a Microsoft customer, you get access to all the tools, mobility and across-the-board integration that Teams can offer.

At Capital Network Solutions, Inc., we have the experience to help you streamline the adoption of a new collaborative solution.  We have already migrated dozens of Sacramento area businesses to the increased security and functionality of Office 365.  By this point, we are a well-oiled Office 365 migration machine.  You can even read about the time that we migrated 165 end-users at Ray Stone Inc. to Office 365 over a single weekend.

In the meantime, check out this video about Kabir and the students and teachers at City of Westminster College.