Michelin Men and Women Use Microsoft

In the 125 years that Michelin has been in the tire game, the company never stopped innovating.  The latest innovation from the worldwide leaders in tire technology: an installation service that comes to you.

With Michelin OnSite: Powered by Microsoft, Michelin changed the way that people buy tires.  They put together a team dedicated to engineering a game-changing experience that would allow customers to bypass the in-store line and reclaim their day.  Michelin OnSite takes a premium service model directly to the customers.   At the same time, Michelin OnSite helped the company meet the new customer expectations of our on-demand economy.

The goal of Michelin OnSite is to create “a seamless user experience,” but that involves a lot of moving pieces.  However, only the Microsoft platform could allow Michelin to deliver that experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Michelin

Because of their partnership with Microsoft, Michelin employees could access an all-in-one platform with integrated tools and next-level security.

Field technicians could all relevant data on one screen on a single device.  This move to the Microsoft platform not only made things easier and more efficient for Michelin employees.  It also received glowing reviews from Michelin customers.

Some of the primary benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service software include:

  • An augmented but streamlined process to go from customer to technician.
  • The centralization of critical data.
  • Resource availability in real-time.

Michelin harnesses the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service technology to serve customers in game-changing ways.  If you need help implementing Microsoft technology for your Sacramento small business, call Capital Network Solutions at (916) 366-6566.

Meanwhile, watch this video to see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows Michelin to make the customer experience remarkable by allowing customization of Michelin’s OnSite app.