Thompson and Teams

One of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the world is also one of the oldest. In business since 1896, J. Walter Thompson is a “global marketing communications agency” based in New York. The J. Walter Thompson workforce is distributed across the globe, with employees working in different time zones and different lifestyles.

Like many global organizations, J. Walter Thompson faced the challenge of connecting workers in different parts of the world to produce great work for their clients. Meanwhile, their complex projects involve many components stretching across multiple departments. The company needed one tool for every employee, no matter what they do or where they work. It needed a way for its geographically dispersed teams to effortlessly collaborate, produce great work, and increase efficiency. The agency also needed its workforce to have access to the newest digital workplace technology.

In other words, they needed Microsoft.

Microsoft Collaboration Tools

How do you enable effective interaction across a digital workspace while increasing productivity and efficiency? For J. Walter Thompson, the answer was to fully integrate Microsoft Office 365 with Teams across all of its global offices. Easy to use, easy to adopt, easy to scale, Microsoft collaboration tools like Teams make everything more efficient.  The company also reduced costs and increased value by adopting cloud solutions.

Microsoft Teams empowered J. Walter Thompson to drive projects across locations.  It allowed the agency to seamlessly add members, and create and share content while enabling integration with existing Microsoft Office 365 tools and applications. Microsoft keeps the data and system safe at J. Walter Thompson, one of the reasons the company plans to invest more in Office 365. Meanwhile, JWT gets all the integration and power of Microsoft 365, including video conferencing. The result: J. Walter Thompson became both more productive and more secure.

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