“Microsoft allows us to keep up with the pace of change.”

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Think Up Consulting is a young and fast-growing agency focused on adult learning.  The company specializes in brand strategy, change management and strategic consulting for its clients.  By leveraging the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams, the agency helps global brands make deep, lasting connections with customers.

A forward-thinking company, Think Up continues to explore and adopt new technology.  This modernity and flexibility help Think Up increase employee efficiency and better meet customer needs.  At the same time, 25 percent of the company’s workforce is remote, which presents both advantages and vulnerabilities.  That means the business gets to hire the best of the best, without placing any limits on their potential employees.

However, for a largely remote workforce constantly on the go, the ability to ensure seamless communication and reliable security while maximizing productivity became top priorities.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365: “A singular solution.”

To support these priorities, the company chose Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to streamline internal processes and reduce the number of emails.  With Office 365, the executives at Think Up Consulting found a “singular solution” to all their technology needs.  Meanwhile, by using the integrated collaboration tools of Microsoft Teams, the company streamlined internal collaboration to dramatically increase productivity.

With many of their employees working offsite, video conferencing became a core part of how Think Up does business.  At the same time, their video data gets the enterprise-level security of Microsoft.

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At the same time, click the video below to learn more about how Microsoft Teams gives Think Up Consulting a major advantage.