Global Workforce Diversity

Diversity is a defining characteristic of today’s global workforce. Meanwhile, inclusivity is not just a key characteristic. It’s necessary to create products that appeal to customers across the globe. With teams working on projects around the world, it becomes critical to get different perspectives on the work being done. This level of teamwork ensures an inclusive final product or service that relates to all users. To that end, energy management company Schneider Electric wanted to create a Human Resources campaign.

The campaign would bolster their reputation as a company that prides itself on diversity, as well as recruiting the best talent from around the world. Although based in North America, Schneider Electric does business in many different countries. It was only appropriate, then, that during the creation of such an important campaign, the company would include as many voices as possible. This inclusion ensured an adequate representation of its multi-ethnic global workforce.

Schneider Electric’s Microsoft Teams Story

Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for Schneider Electric, providing an unbeatable level of teamwork. Schneider employees used Microsoft Teams to do all the pre-production work on the campaign. Teams allowed for easy communication and collaboration with people working in different offices in different time zones. Even better, they were able to do it with the highest level of cyber security. The end result: a creative endeavor that required cooperation and collaboration from many different departments moved to completion without delays.

Do you want your employees to complete complex projects on schedule? In the Microsoft Teams story linked below, you’ll learn how Schneider Electric used Teams to ensure constant collaboration. See how Schneider Electric used Teams to create a compelling diversity and inclusion campaign that leveraged resources from around the world Meanwhile, Microsoft Teams provided a digital workspace where ideas could be polished into final concepts. You will also discover how even complex projects that span multiple teams across various regions can thrive when empowered with the right tools.

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