No SMB Left Behind

The use of so-called “big data” is no longer an outlier, but rather a mainstay in the world of business. However, most of the organizations with the technical capacity to properly leverage analytics are large companies. Unfortunately, that imbalance leaves many small to medium-sized companies on the outside looking in.

According to a survey by the Harvard Business Review, 99% of businesses want to implement data analytics and AI, but only 30% of those businesses succeeded.

How can struggling SMBs integrate analytics and AI into business practices? With the Microsoft Azure cloud, Capital Network Solutions helps turn vague ideas into concrete action. We achieve results by using Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics to gain the insights needed to spark growth.

Benefits of Analytics

In the Entrepreneur article linked at the bottom of this page, writer Ademola Adekunbi outlines the benefits of data analytics. Besides contributing to the pages of Entrepreneur, Adekunbi also serves as CEO of Regal Inks Content Marketing.

Adekunbi outlines the potential benefits of data analytics and AI for small to medium-sized businesses:

  1. Marketing and CRM Benefits. With the ability to predict user preferences and behaviors, your business can form a bond with customers.
  2. Security Enhancements. Protect your critical business data with Microsoft security solutions.
  3. Data Sharing Capabilities. Allow your employees to access the datasets they need to derive insights.
  4. Customer Service and Retention Improvements. Design responsive products and offer improved customer service.
  5. Human Resources Tools. Leverage what Adekunbi calls “an immensely helpful tool for HR personnel in any organization.”

With Microsoft Azure, Capital Network Solutions accelerates the transition. We enable you to use Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365. Meanwhile, you get the in-depth data insights you need to fuel growth.

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