The Haps on the Apps

Team messenger apps are a great addition to the workplace. It feels especially true now that working from home and flexible schedules are the new normal.

Teamwork apps such as Microsoft Teams are now considered essential business expenses. Productivity and messaging apps have changed the way that people communicate in the workplace. They accelerated the decentralization of the workplace, while also proving essential in getting people set up for remote work during COVID-19.

However, it’s easy to forget that just like leaving used Tupperware in the office fridge, some behaviors still meet disapproval.

Basic Office Messenger Etiquette

Productivity and communication apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack give organizations the ability to adopt flexible work methods and expand their global reach. But these apps also create new avenues for awkward and embarrassing work behavior. Although these communication apps allow people the ability to make quick comments and decisions, you should remain mindful of basic etiquette.

Margaret Dsouza is the head of human resources at Flock, one of the lesser-known messaging apps on the market. In the article linked below, Dsouza offers five basic rules that professionals must remember when using a team messenger application. These rules should apply whether your work in the office or from home. Always keep these rules in mind to avoid awkward situations and the office blacklist.

You and your employees can avoid HR issues and blacklists by following these five simple guidelines.

  1. Don’t Bring Up Irrelevant Topics. You should never stray too far from your primary agenda.
  2. Don’t Stay Silent. Dsouza advises you to avoid being a spectator or mute listener in virtual meetings.
  3. Avoid Messaging at Unearthly Hours. Just because you can reach someone anywhere at any time does not mean that you should.
  4. Be Wise with Your Correct Choice of Words. You can keep your meetings informal, but not offensive.
  5. Don’t Get Personal. Building on the previous point, try to keep it professional instead of emotional.

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