How can you improve and enable productivity across your entire team?

The modern workplace seems to grow more decentralized with each passing day.  The option of remote working is now one of the best ways to attract top workers.  It expands your talent pool considerably when you can expand beyond people who live within driving range of your office.  In 2016, Gallup found that 43 percent of employees worked remotely part-time or full-time.  With more and more work getting done online, those numbers are not heading down anytime soon.

However, remote workers also present distinct challenges, especially for small businesses.  Some remote employees work from home, some work on the road, some work while commuting.  Each one has unique needs, but you need to be able to support them all.  You need to use technology in a way that will maximize connectivity and productivity without skimping on security.

Are you ready to bring new levels of productivity to your remote workers?

The downloadable e-book linked below outlines six different types of remote workers.  It also gives you advice on how you can best encourage their success.  These tips range from addressing specific technical needs to making it easier for employees to work from anywhere, on any device.  Here are the six types of workers identified in the e-book:

  1. The Night Owl (most productive after regular business hours)

  2. The Jet Setter (continually flying from one place to the next)

  3. The Road Warrior (salespeople and marketers)

  4. The Commuter (productive on long train rides)

  5. The Migrator (works in a different country)

  6. The Industry Expert (needs autonomy and flexibility)

Every one of those employees gets support with the all-in-one abilities of Microsoft.  Meanwhile, your workers get secure, seamlessly integrated tools that work across all devices, no matter where they are.

If you’re ready to change the way that your team does business, contact Capital Network Solutions at (916) 366-6566.  We can show your vulnerabilities and liabilities, and show you how the built-in security of Microsoft can work for your business.

In the meantime, click the link below to download a Microsoft e-book that outlines best practices on how to support remote employees and empower them to do their best work.  This e-book describes specific challenges unique to remote workers.  It also explains how you can overcome common hurdles and promote stability and creativity among your team.

DOWNLOAD: “Six Types of Remote Workers and How to Support Them”