Are you frustrated by ineffective and inefficient business meetings?

You’re not alone.  A Harris poll found that 46% of workers would prefer to do anything else besides attending a status meeting.  What’s driving this dissatisfaction?  Probably the gap between the increasing volume of meetings and the value derived from those meetings.

According to Bain & Company, 15% of an organization’s time gets spent in meetings.  If an expenditure cost 15% of your budget, you would carefully evaluate its value.  However, businesses regularly waste 15% of the business day on ineffective and discouraging meetings.

How much would your employees benefit if you improved the daily meetings at your business?  Of course, seismic changes in workplace culture don’t happen overnight.  However, by updating and implementing best practices for business meetings, you can improve your company’s bottom line.  Meanwhile, you could save innumerable hours of your employees’ valuable time.

The goal: conduct simple, directed meetings that focus on clear action items.  You need to make the time spent on meetings feel more useful for your employees.  Some of the benefits of successful meetings include:

  1. Improved team collaboration
  2. Clear and actionable direction
  3. Increased willingness to attend
  4. Stronger accountability
  5. Quality decisionmaking

The Ultimate Meeting Guide

It’s no secret that a clearly defined agenda is key to a productive meeting, but how else can you upgrade your company’s meetings?  Productive meetings include meeting time management, note-taking and strong accountability.  It might sound overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered with a clear and helpful e-book from Microsoft.

In “The Ultimate Meeting Guide: How to Run a Meeting Like a Pro,” you get understandable and actionable tips for improving business meetings.  You will learn how to achieve simple and effective business meetings that remain focused on clear action items.  The guide also gives you sound advice on managing your online meetings.

Here are some simple ways to meet like a pro:

  1. Provide a clear agenda
  2. Keep time in mind
  3. Ease the burden of note-taking
  4. Use visuals as learning aids
  5. Send a post-meeting recap
  6. Define clear action items or outcomes

Do you want to improve your employees’ communication in all aspects of your business?  If so, contact Capital Network Solutions at (916) 366-6566.   As the premier Sacramento managed service provider, we can help you level up your communication game.

In the meantime, click the link below to download “The Ultimate Meeting Guide.”

DOWNLOAD: “The Ultimate Meeting Guide: How to Run a Meeting Like a Pro